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“I found myself in this job”

Date: 17/03/2023

Author: Zuzana Rafajlovič, Communications Manager

Category: Careers & HR

AAnna Rusnákovánna Rusnáková from Rimavská Sobota in Slovakia says that she has found herself in the work in the store. Her secret is to smile.

Anna Rusnáková (called Anka), Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Rimavská Sobota, will celebrate her fifth anniversary in JYSK this summer.

In the previous fiscal year, Anka was named the Top Seller in Slovakia and together with her colleagues from Rimavská Sobota, they were awarded with the Store of the year title. What is behind her success? Anka says that she is very competitive, but above all that she simply enjoys her work:

“I enjoy meeting new customers because I can start a new sales conversation every time. I like coming up with new ideas and finding a way to the customer. I like when something is happening, it recharges me with energy. And there is always something happening at JYSK,” she says with a smile.

I found myself in this job. Here in our store in Rimavská Sobota, I am satisfied and I feel fulfilled.
- Anna Rusnáková

Top Seller
Anna Rusnáková, Deputy Store Manager in JYSK Rimavská Sobota and Roman Orviský, Retail Manager JYSK Slovakia during handing over the prize for the Top Seller of the year.

Always with a smile

Every salesperson at JYSK knows the standard sales procedures and is familiar with the products, and each also has favourite product areas or proven approach to customers.

“I am everywhere. I like to sell our GOLD duvets, pillows, and mattresses. It helps us achieve better results and I can recommend based on personal experience because I have these products at home and I am satisfied. This is also my way to the customers – they trust me because I believe in it myself,” says Anka.

There is always a good mood in team JYSK Rimavská Sobota.

Based on good shopping experience, customers are happy to come back and it also often happens that they recognise her outside the store.

“It is really a nice feeling,” says Anka about positive feedback from customers when they meet outside of JYSK.

“I welcome every customer with a smile. I follow one rule set by myself - smile is the first thing to do in the morning, either on the way to work at the bus driver or just to myself. It puts me in the mood for the whole day and I spread it around both to my colleagues and customers. Even if a customer comes in with a gloomy mood, I turn it around so that they leave with a smile and satisfied with their purchase,” Anka reveals her motto.  

SM and DSM
Store Manager Henrieta Precnerová (left) is Anka´s support.


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