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Get a glimpse into the preparations of Turkey opening


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK


As announced in June 2021, the next country opening in JYSK will be Turkey. The preparations are running, and it is now only a year to go.

Alex Bratu
Country Manager of JYSK Romania and Bulgaria, Alexandru Bratu, will also be Country Manager of JYSK Turkey.

The decision is made. The opening schedule is done. The preparations are running. JYSK is coming to Turkey in March 2023.

But how do we actually prepare a new country opening? has dived a bit deeper into the preparations.

Our assortment

Ahead of the final decision of opening in Turkey, a lot of market research has been made. This includes how the Turkish customers can be reached by advertising, which competitors do we have, which product groups are most effected by toll and a lot more. This research has of course been continued.

“The Turkish market is very influenced by British style, and here we have a high advantage of our knowledge from United Kingdom and Ireland. Furthermore, we will have a completely different assortment than our competitors, a Scandinavian approach, which I see as a great advantage,” says Mikael Albæk Kristensen, Expansion Director.

First store(s)

First store

In the news about going into Turkey, the statement was that the first store would open in the western part of the enormous country. This have now been narrowed down to the northwestern part of Turkey going from the border of Bulgaria to Istanbul.

Here the distance by truck from the distribution centre in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria, is relatively short and in the whole region JYSK sees a potential for the first 50-60 Turkish stores.

A mall in the Istanbul area.

“We have different locations on the table for the first store. It will most likely be in a shopping mall. Malls are very popular, and retail parks are not that common in Turkey. Probably also because of the heat during summer, which makes it more convenient to shop everything inside in an airconditioned mall,” says Mikael.

The plan is to open the two first stores on 30 March 2023, and 4-6 weeks later two more will follow.

Employees and office

The first Turkish employee Silan Simsek had her first day on 4 April 2022 as Sales & Marketing Assistant, and her first tasks will be translating, as there is an estimated 1,200 working hours of translating ahead.

Late summer 2022, more employees will follow for Finance and IT. The first store employees will be hired around Christmas 2022.

“We will place our Turkish office in or around Istanbul close to the airport.

Despite the financial challenges in Turkey, we believe that the country has a bright future, and we want to invest. We can afford if it takes some time to make it a success, but I strongly believe that this will be a really great journey. JYSK will offer something new to Turkey, and our concept will be a great offer to Turkish customers,” says Mikael.

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