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“It is scary – but in a good way”

Dátum: 15/02/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Kategória: Expansion , People

As Store Manager, Slobodanka Subic will open the very first JYSK store in Ireland on 2 April 2019.

Slobodanka Subic will be Store Manager in the very first JYSK store in Ireland and she looks forward to introducing JYSK in Ireland.

When Slobodanka Subic heard about JYSK for the first time through a recruitment agency, her first thought was: “JYSK: a new company - a new and exciting opportunity.”

She started working in JYSK in November 2018, and since then she has been busy getting ready for the opening of the very first JYSK store in Naas in Ireland on 2 April 2019.

“As we are coming closer to the opening, everything is getting more real. I visit the store often to follow the development. It is exciting that things are really happening now. It is scary, but in a good way,” says Slobodanka, who is originally from Croatia and has lived in Ireland for 13 years.

Naas store
Slobodanka visits the store in Naas often to follow the development. 

Training in stores

As preparation for the opening, 39-year-old Slobodanka has visited several JYSK stores in the UK and Denmark to learn about everything from the products and customer service to administrative procedures. Also, a visit to the Danish distribution centre in Uldum has been part of the training schedule.

“It has been inspiring to visit JYSK colleagues in other countries and they have all been very patient and dedicated when training us. I am delighted to learn about JYSK and very proud to take part in starting up JYSK in Ireland,” says Slobodanka.

Responsible for JYSK Values

Although Slobodanka is brand new in JYSK, she is already impressed by the company values and the culture among employees.

Slobodanka Subic

  • Slobodanka Subic is originally from Croatia, but has lived in Ireland for 13 years.
  • She has a professional background in the grocery retail business.
  • As Store Manager, she will open the very first JYSK store in Ireland on 2 April 2019.

“I have been working in retail for almost all of my adult work life, but I have never met company values like in JYSK. I think it is amazing being able to come to work every day with a smile on your face. Everyone is understanding and helpful and there is a warm and friendly atmosphere,” says Slobodanka.

The team that will work in the Naas store is almost set, and Slobodanka is aware of her responsibility to carry out the JYSK values.

“When recruiting our new colleagues, we have been looking for people who fit the culture. It is my responsibility as a new Store Manager to make the values live in JYSK Ireland, the same way I have experienced that they do in JYSK elsewhere,” says Slobodanka.

Nass store
The first JYSK store in Ireland will open in the city Naas located 40 km from Dublin.

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