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Welcome to JYSK – meet three new colleagues

Date: 15/10/2021

Author: Johanne Sandal Nissen, Communications Coordinator, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , People

Three new colleagues tell how they have experienced their first days and weeks working at JYSK. Welcome to the team, Maja from Serbia, Miroslav from Bulgaria and Alannah from Ireland. 

Maja Slika, Sales Assistant in Beograd, Serbia:
Maja Slika from Serbia

“Before starting in JYSK, I had heard about JYSK from its employees. They had told me that it is a lot of hard work, but at the same time that they would never leave the company. I could not understand it back then and I wondered what kind of magic JYSK has since people feel so tightly connected to the company. Only now is everything becoming clearer to me!

For instance, when I had my first sale. Elsewhere it would have just been a feeling of personal satisfaction, but at JYSK all my colleagues were with me, supported me and shared my joy.

JYSK takes special care of its employees, rewards them for their extra work, creates and imposes a culture of mutual assistance, respect and trust. JYSK loves its people and that is why we love JYSK.”

Miroslav Penchev, Store Manager in Ruse, Bulgaria:
Miroslav Penchev from Bulgaria

“I am so happy with this job where I meet new people every day, help customers and get to know my colleagues. I think my best experiences are when I meet customers who are unsure of their choice and then help them understand what they need.

For me it is important to keep my focus on my store, its results, the personal development of each member of my team and myself, while still having global perspective of JYSK.

I really like that JYSK values people who want to develop themselves, because JYSK never stops evolving. Each of us gets a fantastic opportunity for our development and it only depends on ourselves how far we want to go.”

Alannah Gilboy, Store Manager Trainee in Carlow, Ireland:
Alannah Gilboy from Ireland

“I have really enjoyed working at our new store opening in Carlow. Before this I spent some time supporting the set up of the Ashbourne store so this knowledge was really useful when opening the Carlow store. Being part of the process from the beginning when the shop was an empty shell to now having lots of customers in store has been a brilliant experience.

I really like that JYSK rewards hard work with opportunities for internal progression. I have heard multiple stories from people in all sorts of roles throughout the company that began their careers as Sales Assistants and progressed to Store Managers and above. If you work hard, you will be rewarded with the opportunity to grow!”

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