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Case Competition at Aarhus University

Students from Aarhus University presented new ideas at JYSK Head Office

Date: 11/10/2021

Author: Johanne Sandal Nissen, Communications Intern, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , People

Marketing and Sales & Expansion in JYSK hosted two separate case competitions this autumn for students studying at BSS, School of Business and Social Sciences, at Aarhus University. The best groups got invited to JYSK Head Office to present their ideas.

1000 new students at BSS, Aarhus University, had just started their bachelor’s degree, when employees from Marketing in JYSK showed up with the case: how would the students promote JYSK towards young people between the age of 21 to 25.

The students received some practical information and were then given the next three hours to solve the case. Afterwards the three best groups were selected and invited to JYSK Head Office on 10 September to present their ideas for employees from both Marketing, E-business and HR.

Bachelor case competition
Bachelor case competition at BSS, Aarhus University

Co-host Brand and Content Manager at JYSK, Lene Marie Ditlev, sees a lot of advantages from the competition both for the student and for JYSK.

“It was really interesting to get input from the students, who themselves are a part of the younger segment of our target group. The case competition is also an unique opportunity to display JYSK as an amazing workplace, which the young students hopefully will remember when applying for internship, student job or even fulltime employment, when their studies come to an end,” she says.

Bachelor case competition
Lene Marie Ditlev in the middle with one of the selected three groups at JYSK Head Office

Case competition for Master Students

Also, the department Sales & Expansion hosted a similar competition for new Master students at BSS with a case about how JYSK could increase the number of customers in the following years.

At first the three best groups got feedback from the organisers from Sales & Expansion from which they could improve their presentations, before they had to show up at JYSK Head Office 1 October. Here they could receive feedback from employees such as Executive Vice President S&E and Marketing, Jørgen Lund, Executive Vice President Customer Experience, Digital & Business Development, Niels Veien, as well as CEO & President Jan Bøgh.

Master case competition
Employees from Sales & Expansion presenting JYSK at BSS, Aarhus University

A great impression of JYSK

“It was clear to see that the students had used a lot of time improving their presentations since last time, and that they were very excited to meet some important people from JYSK,” says co-host Sales Director at JYSK, Michael Panduro Lauge.

Michael was also impressed with the feedback given from JYSK’s employees, which was also very appreciated among the students.

“After the presentations the students expressed that it was very educational to be judged by “real people” in the industry, instead of always being judged on papers and grades. The feedback that the students received gave them a great impression of JYSK and ideas they will use in their further studies,” he says.

Master case competition
Winners of the Master case competition at BSS, Aarhus University

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