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Special day celebrated in Ukraine

Date: 23/12/2021

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Attractive Stores

Before September 2024, all JYSK stores must be updated to the newest store concept, and 16 December 2021 marked an important day, as JYSK celebrated store number 1,000 with store concept 3.0.

Store Manager
Natalia Mulko, Store Manager in Kiev, Ukraine.

16 December marked the official opening of JYSK in Blockbuster mall in Kiev, which is the 85th JYSK store in Ukraine.

However, the store is also special in the sense that it is JYSK store number 1,000 with Store Concept 3.0, and Store Manager Natalia Mulko is proud that her store will become part of JYSK history.

“I am very happy. It is both a sense of pride and a double responsibility. It was great to realise that our store is 3.0 store number 1,000, and this makes it even more important for us to make it the best store in all aspects,” said Natalia.

She has previously worked in JYSK stores with concept 2.0 and she really likes the changes that come with concept 3.0.

"For me, first of all, the lighting, which gives a completely different impression at the entrance to the store. Spot lighting adds a certain coziness, an attractive shade to the goods and the interior of the store. I would also like to highlight how cozy and attractive the mattress studio looks, and customers are often delighted with the themed rooms,” said Natalia.

JYSK Store
The new store opened just in time for the holidays.

Huge task

She and a 999 other Store Managers can now take pride in managing a 3.0 store, but the work is far from done.

JYSK Store
Mattress studio in the new Store Concept 3.0.

And reaching the goal of updating all stores before September 2024 is ambitious and requires a lot of hard work from a lot of colleagues.

“We have increased the number of store establishment teams in all countries to be able to achieve our strategic goal about updating all stores. However, we have also met some challenges that make the efforts of these teams even more impressive. This of course includes restrictions caused by coronavirus, which has limited the number of store activities in many countries, and now we also face a lack of fixtures and other materials needed to update the stores. This is caused by a mix of lack of raw materials and transportation challenges,” explains Carsten Nørgreen Weinkouff, Retail Development Director.

However, he still believes that his team will deliver as planned, and underlines the importance for JYSK as a company.

“Our store concept is key to attract, inspire and convince existing as well as new customers. We can see that sales increase, when a store activity is carried out. This is the reason that JYSK decided to speed up the process, and that is why it is so important to make it happen,” says Carsten.

JYSK employees
Natalia and her team are ready to welcome customers to the new store.

More time

In Blockbuster Mall in Kiev, Natalia is 100 percent focused on welcoming happy customers to a great looking store.

“We look forward to welcoming a lot of customers in Blockbuster Mall, and with the new store concept, it is easier for our customers to find what they are looking for, while at the same time the attractive store makes them want to stay longer,” says Natalia.

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