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Ronja represents JYSK in new brand video

Date: 22/05/2023

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Consultant

Category: Careers & HR , People , Strategy

Ronja did not hesitate when she was asked to participate in a new brand video. So, she travelled to Denmark for a couple of days and was thrilled to be part of a video that should represent JYSK as a place for everyone. 

When the new brand video was to be produced, it was important to create an authentic representation of who JYSK is. So, the Marketing team reached out to JYSK employees and asked for their help to show that JYSK is for everyone. 

Ronja Ali
Ronja Ali in her store.

Ronja Ali is Store Manager in a Swedish JYSK store, and she is one of the employees who participates in the video. 

“I thought it would be fun to participate in the video. So, I immediately said yes. I had so much fun during the two days filming the campaign. To meet colleagues from Denmark and visiting the Head Office was a dream come true, and I felt really comfortable with the camera team as well,” Ronja says. 

Who is JYSK? 

Since Lars Larsen opened the first store in 1979, JYSK has been widely known for a great Scandinavian offer, and this is still true. But the new brand video should also show that JYSK is about growth, being close to the customers, Scandinavian sleeping and living, people, and much more. 

Ronja hopes that the video will bring even more great colleagues to JYSK. 

“I hope that the campaign will show people, regardless of colour, ethnicity, and gender, that JYSK is the best company to be a part of and how dedication can bring so many possibilities. As an individual, it is amazing to be a part of the big community that JYSK is. Hopefully, we can include and recruit more people that would love the work we do every day and do it together with us,” Ronja explains. 

JYSK is for everyone 

Watch the new brand video and see the result of many JYSK employees’ great work. 

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