Kathrine and Line

"To me, dots are just beautiful and unpretentious"

Date: 04/08/2017

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: People , Product Assortment

Line Skaaning Lindskov
Line Skaaning Lindskov together with her two new girlfriends MERETE (top) and ERIKA.

Line Skaaning Lindskov has designed two new sets of bed linen with dots for JYSK's range.

Line Skaaning Lindskov, Range & Design Coordinator at JYSK and trained designer, has got two new girlfriends. They are called ERIKA and MERETE, since these are the names of two new bed linen, which Line has designed for JYSK's range.

countries with ERIKA and MERETE

- ERIKA is available in all 19 JYSK Nordic countries (except China).

- MERETE is available in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland.

The recurring dotted theme of the two new designs is founded in the fact that dots that are very in at the moment, and in Line's own passion for the small graphic elements.

"To me, dots are just beautiful and unpretentious. They can be both fun and playful, just as they create such a feel-good atmosphere and provide lots of good karma. They can really put an uncomplicated perspective on life," explains Line.

Creating harmony in patterns

To create a new design for a bed linen, Line makes a so-called 'report'. This is the term used for a square space, in which Line places the dots and creates a pattern.

"When I sit and work with the report on my computer, my job is to bring harmony to the pattern. For example, there are not so many red dots in ERIKA as the other colours, because the red is very dominant," says Line.

When the pattern in the square - or the report - is complete, the pattern is repeated the required number of times on a pillow and duvet cover to cover the entire fabric.

Kathrine Møller Nielsen, Line Skaaning Lindskov
Kathrine Møller Nielsen (left) together with Line Skaaning Lindskov and their new girlfriend ERIKA.

A couple of popular ladies

The two new designs have been developed in close collaboration between Purchasing and Range & Design, and this is the first time that a design for a product is created by an internal JYSK designer.

From Purchasing, Kathrine Møller Nielsen, Category Buyer for Bed Linen, Sheets & Bathroom, has been a sparring partner with Line from Range & Design. Kathrine is looking forward to seeing how the customers receive the new bedding.

"In particular, the countries of Central and Eastern Europe are increasingly interested in the simple and clean design that customers are already happy about in the Nordic region. Therefore, I expect that ERIKA will perform well globally, while MERETE will probably become popular especially in the Nordic countries," says Kathrine.

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Nora Dotts are like the salt and sugar gives the color Shine 😊
Lili Sakka Looks elegant and the colors are nice and soft.
Lili Sakka Looks elegant and the colors are nice and soft.😍
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