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JYSK in my home

Date: 30/10/2023

Author: Laura Glintborg Mouritsen, Communications Intern

Category: People , Product Assortment

Living room with a touch of JYSK

From cozy living rooms to decorative corners. It is always inspiring to see how colleagues across JYSK countries decorate their personal spaces.

Sigrid Spillum, Deputy Store Manager in Norway

'I bought my childhood home, which my grandparents built in 1972, so I know the house well. I have embraced Nordic interior style. The minimalist furniture is not only high-quality but also affordable.

Among my favourite decorative pieces are the BRYNJE tealight holder, INGEMAR vase and JANSENS candles.

In my living room, I have filled my couch with cushion covers from JYSK. My staircase is decorated with the VIRUM console table, THORVALD pedestal and some lanterns. Another cozy spot is in the FAUSING armchairs, which I have paired with the versatile HADBJERG coffee table that can switch from oak-look to marble. In the living room, I have incorporated the bookcase and TV bench from JYSK as well.'

Sigrid's childhood home in Norway

Ana Salgado Cea, Sales Assistant in Spain

'Almost every corner of my house has a touch of JYSK.

I love the simplicity and light colours of Scandinavian design. Most of my furniture is white, and with simple decorative pieces, my home feels bright and modern.

It is tricky for me to choose a favourite product. I like nesting tables as a versatile addition to any corner. If I must choose, I will probably select any homeware item like a cushion or a blanket. For example, I have the GULSKOLM throw on my rocking chair. A change in interior decor can completely transform a room, like how I painted the STELLAN wall decoration silver to match the rest of the style in my house.'

Ana's home

Ana's home


Ana's homeAna's home


Ana's homeAna's home

Kaitlin Peaker, Sales Assistant in United Kingdom

'At the entrance and in my backyard, I have the gorgeous MYRHAUK garden planter with the RIPA artificial eucalyptus plants.

I have furnished my living room almost entirely with JYSK items. I have the FALSLEV chaise longue sofa paired with a BONDEROSE throw. The RIPS rug and DOKKEDAL coffee table complement my couch. I have added TOMAS flowers and a solar lamp and decorated my walls with picture frames. My favourite piece is the SPODSBJERG pedestal together with the HAUGE sculpture and a battery lamp.

I have decorated several corners, each showcasing a variety of decorative pieces like my donut vases and the MARSTAL mirror. I have installed TRAPPEDAL shelves, primarily for my Wi-Fi box, but I have added different items from JYSK for decoration.'

A touch of JYSK in Kaitlins home in the United Kingdom

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