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Jaroslaw’s career journey: From Poland to Bulgaria and on to Ecser

Date: 25/01/2022

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , Logistics

Jaroslaw Sobczyk (right) is looking forward to the opening of DC Ecser.

The new Logistics Manager for JYSK’s distribution centre in Ecser, Hungary, has brought dedication and met possibilities in his time in JYSK.

Progress at DC Ecser

  • The main buildings are finalised and in the middle of April highbay 2 will be closed with the final cladding as the last building activity.
  • The operation is planned to go live in three phases.
    • Phase 1 is manual inbound and picking in front areas, which is planned for late March 2022.
    • Phase 2 is to start using the automations and highbays combined with the manual picking. This will happen in Q4 2022.
    • Phase 3 is to include full online business.

The journey of the new Logistics Manager at JYSK’s distribution centre in Ecser, Hungary, has taken him far in JYSK – and far away from home. Sitting at his desk in Ecser, he is around 450 kilometres south of his home in Katowice, Poland.

“It is of course a challenge and even more with the Covid situation. But luckily, I have older children at the age of 13 and 16, and I have been able to travel on a weekly basis. I go home during weekends and come back on Monday, and I have lived like this for several years,” says Jaroslaw Sobczyk.

43-year-old Jaroslaw started his career in JYSK 7 years ago as Operational Manager at the JYSK distribution centre in Radomsko, Poland. After great results, he was appointed Logistics Manager of the JYSK distribution centre in Bozhurishte, Bulgaria, and now he is given the responsibility to get Ecser up and running.

“To have a chance of creating something from scratch was kind of a dream for me. So when I got the job, it was a dream come true. It is very unique to be part of the success of JYSK,” says Jaroslaw.

Jaroslaw Sobczyk is Logistics Manager at DC Ecser.

Back to basics

In Bulgaria, Jaroslaw started just after the go-live and had to manage the start up process of online orders and afterwards to optimise all processes in the distribution centre that is now growing and growing. In Ecser, the tasks are even more back to basics.

“It is an interesting journey to build a team with a focus on the right culture. It is my job to make sure that our JYSK values are in place here. At the same time, I am dealing with all contracts from mugs in the kitchen and to pallets for millions of euros. It is quite complex and there are lots of challenges here,” says Jaroslaw.

The challenges mastered have made a great career journey in JYSK possible for Jaroslaw Sobczyk. According to him being proactive, able to cooperate with different cultures and bringing dedication makes it possible to grow in JYSK.

“The company can offer a great career journey because of the constant growth. There are a lot of good examples on this. We are opening more and more stores, and logistics need to support this. Possibilities will come, as we are still expanding and becoming more international,” he says.

The first part of the new DC in Ecser will open by the end of March 2022.

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