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David's paralympic dream lives on


Author: Sandra Martinsson, Communications Manager, JYSK Sverige

Category: People

David Olsson is aiming for paralympicsWith just three months left until the Paralympics in Paris, the selections for the Paralympic teams are happening rapidly. 23-year-old table tennis player David Olsson from Sweden hasn't managed to qualify yet, but the dream is still alive.

"My current chance is to receive a Wild Card. That means the federation has to submit that they have a talent they believe can perform in the Paralympics, and then there's a chance that the International Paralympic Committee will grant a wild card for the games," says David.

David has AMC disease, a muscle and joint condition. He discovered his love for table tennis at a youth center, where wins against both leaders and friends hinted at a talent that needed to be nurtured.

After a successful competition in Slovenia, he expects to climb from 24th place in the rankings to 12th. But he hasn't secured a spot in the Paralympics yet. Nor has he qualified for the World Qualifiers in Thailand this summer. Therefore, he now hopes to receive a Wild Card.

"But I try not to think too much about the Paralympics. If I get a spot, of course, it's a dream. If I don't, there are other things I strive for. Like the European Championship at home this autumn. Then I will go all in for a medal there," says David.

jysk and parasports

  • In 1989, a long and strong connection between JYSK and parasports was initiated. At that time, JYSK stepped in as main sponsor of Parasport Danmark (the Danish paralympic committee). Since then, JYSK has also become main sponsor of Parasport associations in Finland, Norway, and Romania while also supporting the National Paralympic Committees in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, and Sweden.
  • Now, there is only three months until the Paralympics in Paris that starts on 28 August 2024.

Finding the Right Focus

Being an elite athlete often means waiting. There's a lot one can't control when it comes to travel, competition conditions, and, in this case, confirmation of participation in the world's largest para-sporting event. But one thing can be controlled, according to David, and that's personal focus.

"If you put too much energy into thinking about what you can't control, it's easy to fall into negative thinking. I try to focus my energy on what's here and now, the competitions and training sessions I have. That's what I can control," he says.

An Exciting Summer Ahead

David Olsson at a table tennis competition
David Olsson from Sweden aims for a spot in the Paralympic games 2024. 

Paralympics or not, David's summer is packed. There will be training camps to spar against those who have already secured a place in the Paralympics and to give the selected national team colleagues the best conditions for the games.

But there will also be a focus on the next generation of para-sport athletes. In addition to his own training, David works for one of Europe's largest para-sport associations, FIFH, which JYSK also sponsors. In June, they organize summer camps for children with disabilities, and David is responsible for the camps.

"It's a good mix. I really enjoy working with children and young people, and it's good to be able to let go of your own training and focus on something else. In this case, it's the opportunity for children and young people to have an active summer," he says.

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David Olsson spelar parabordtennis

David's paralympic dream lives on

- 23-year-old table tennis player David Olsson from Sweden still hasn't managed to qualify for the Paralympics, but the dream is still alive.

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