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Customers welcome JYSK into the kitchen

Date: 02/06/2022

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Product Assortment

In just a few years, kitchen accessories from JYSK have become a hit among customers.

Best-selling kitchen accessories in the last 3 months

1. FERDUS plate

2. SIMON bowl

3. TONE plate


These are the names of a plate, a mug, and a cutlery set. Three examples of products in the kitchen accessories category that customers have come to love when they make their way to their local JYSK store.

Over the past three years, the category has grown from nothing to now including about 40 products. The selection has expanded as sales figures have grown and more news is on the way for the coming seasons.

“We started in 2019 with buying a small selection of kitchen items - consisting of a plate, a cup, and some small bowls - as a supplement to our other decorative products. The focus at the time was that our products should be decorative and in a Scandinavian design, and we have kept that fundamental value because it has proven to be a big hit among customers," says Tina Nymann, who is responsible for purchasing the kitchen accessories category.

JYSK employee
Category Buyer Tina Nymann highlights the cutlery set MIKAEL and the plate FERDUS.

Success with collaboration

The kitchen accessories are kept at fixed low prices, and Tina believes this has contributed to customers adding more of them to the shopping basket.

JYSK employee
Tina gets inspired in a supplier's showroom while looking for JYSK's new product assortment. 

Recently, Tina also got inspired to bring home new products from a visit to a supplier in Turkey. The latest sales success, the FERDUS plate series, comes from that supplier.

"We generally focus on broad sourcing of suppliers from both China and Europe, so we ensure good prices for our customers - and when sourcing in Europe, we can save many kilometres on transport compared to other continents," says Tina.

She also highlights good collaboration with other departments in JYSK as part of the explanation for the kitchen accessories' success.

“We recently saw that our SIMON bowls sold like hot cakes in Sweden. Apparently, our post with the bowls on Instagram had almost gone viral. Kitchen accessories obviously do well on social media, but of course, that requires the great photos that our colleagues in Marketing provide,” Tina says.

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