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Around the World: Awarded as Top Employer and Career Company

Date: 31/01/2023

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

Category: Awards , Careers & HR , People

Every now and then, we round up recent events and activities from some of the JYSK countries. Check out the latest here.

B2B participated in Xenia 2022 exhibition, Greece

In November 2022, JYSK B2B in Greece participated at one of the leading hospitality meetings in Greece. The Xenia exhibition attracted 26,500 professionals from the hospitality industry, which made it a perfect place to show JYSK’s products and furniture.

The team created a walkthrough exhibition of JYSK furniture, which provided the visitors with a hotel feeling.

The goal was to present an attractive Scandinavian space for living and sleeping.

Colleagues participate in Balaton Marathon, Hungary

JYSK was the main sponsor of the JYSK Balaton Marathon, which was held in November 2022.

There were JYSK employees represented on all distances and many more joined as fans. The JYSK Country Director, Sándor Szimeister, and HR Manager, Dóra Dvorácskó, started all distances for nearly 3,500 runners with the sound of bagpipes.

Half Trabant, Head Office Brabrand, Denmark

On 6 December, half a Trabant drove through JYSK Head Office before reaching its final resting place in the new JYSK Museum.

The story behind the split-in-two Trabant goes back to the opening of DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER in Eastern Germany. JYSK founder Lars Larsen was gifted a whole Trabant, which has now been cut in half to fit in the new JYSK Museum.

Actually, the Trabant is not the original, as it would have been a shame to divide that in halves. Instead, Lars Larsen’s original has found a new home with another owner, while the 50-percent-Trabi in JYSK Museum was donated by a JYSK fan.

Half Trabant drives through JYSK Head Office Brabrand
Half a Trabant drives through JYSK Head Office in Brabrand and reaches its final resting place in the new JYSK Museum.

Sleeping events for influencers, Poland

JYSK Poland organised a special event to promote sleeping products and to strengthen JYSK’s image as being experts within sleeping. In the specially arranged space, a wide range of mattresses, duvets, linen, and the new indoor products were displayed.

Two JYSK Store Managers and Sleep Academy trainers guided the visitors and answered any questions they would have about sleeping.

The content from the event reached around 800,000 followers on Instagram.

Raising money for children with cancer, Norway

JYSK Norway collaborated with the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society in 2022. The collaboration involved a football campaign that raised money for children with cancer. JYSK Norway plans to participate again in the same campaign next time.

Currently, JYSK Norway is collaborating with the Norwegian Childhood Cancer Society as well. This time the collaboration involves a marketing campaign called “Golden Dreams” in Norway.

The campaign involves promotion of sleeping products in the GOLD category. For every pillow sold in the periods, JYSK donates 10 NOK to the NGO. The campaign will run over several periods in JYSK's 106 stores in Norway through 2023. First campaign will start in the middle of February.

Raising money for children with cancer in Norway
JYSK Norway raising money for children with cancer through a football campaign.

Colleagues ran at the Azuga Trail Race, Romania

20 colleagues took part in the Azuga Trail Race powered by JYSK. It is a trail running competition that took place in Autumn in a beautiful Romanian mountain resort. The participants pushed their limits while enjoying a picturesque scenery.

For the second consecutive year, JYSK was the main sponsor of the event, which brought together over 700 mountain and sport enthusiasts. The competition included three races, all with considerable elevation differences: 13 km, 20 km, 31 km, and the Sorica Sunset Vertical, which is a 2000m vertical race at night.

JYSK is a Top Employer 2023, Hungary and greece

JYSK Hungary and JYSK Greece has been recognised as a Top Employer 2023.

The Top Employers Institute programme certifies organisations based on the participation and results of their HR Best Practices Survey. This survey covers six HR domains consisting of 20 topics including People Strategy, Work Environment, Talent Acquisition, Learning, Diversity, Equity & Inclusion, Wellbeing, and many more.  

JYSK Hungary is top employer 2023
JYSK Hungary celebrates being a Top Employer 2023.

Career Company 2023 award goes to JYSK, Sweden

JYSK Sweden has been named "Career Company 2023" by the company Karrärföretagen.

The award is given to employers who offer unique career and development opportunities.

All companies and organisations in Sweden are included in the selection for Career Companies 2023 and have been reviewed by the Karrärföretagen’s expert panel, which consists of specialists in HR, web, career counseling, social media, and marketing.

JYSK Sweden is Career Company 2023
JYSK Sweden has been awarded as Career Company 2023.


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