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Paweł Waler - the new Logistics Director in Distribution Centre Radomsko

Dato: 11/04/2019

Af: Aleksandra Chalimoniuk, Communication&PR Manager

Kategori: Careers & HR , Logistics , People

Paweł Waler has been the new Logistics Director in Distribution Centre Radomsko since September 2018.
The Distribution Centre serves as many as 25 countries. It is one of the most important employers in the region, employing almost 700 people.

Paweł Waler - new Logistics Director

What does your workday look like in DCR?

There is no single pattern here and individual days can vary very much in the work plan. However, it is always interesting and intense. I have a lot of meetings, so it often happens that meetings take up most of my day. I regularly analyse reports on efficiency, productivity, expenses, etc. My duties also include going around the warehouse. And of course, I do not forget about the lunch break in our common canteen. During our common lunch, we can take a break from work and talk about other things. 

How did you get to JYSK and why did you choose to work here?

The recruitment process lasted quite a long time but after several meetings, I knew that JYSK and I was a perfect match.
Why JYSK? There are many factors. This job has enabled me to return to the international environment, and that was very important to me. I can gain experience in European logistics here and meet big challenges when it comes to the scale of business. I also appreciate the fact that JYSK is a Scandinavian company – open and with a strong backbone of principles and values.

Is it true that you like to travel and move around for better work? What did you do before working at JYSK and where did you live?

 Yes, that is right. During my professional career, I have worked in Hungary (almost a year), in Russia (three years) and in Great Britain (two years). I started my professional career as a warehouse worker in Poland. Then I was a department manager - also in Poland and Hungary. I was promoted to director of the warehouse, logistics in Russia and Great Britain - and I was also a member of the national board of directors. 
I spent about six years abroad and worked with people of fifteen different nationalities. After returning to Poland, I decided to expand my experience in an e-commerce company with which I became involved for the next two years. 
I am now in JYSK, I work in Radomsko and I live in Kraków.
I travel not only in connection with work - it is also my hobby and I follow my dreams. For example I am very proud of ascending Aconcagua in the Andes in 2011 – a peak that goes 6 962 m above sea level

What decisions do you have to make every day at work? What are your areas of responsibility? How does the Distribution Centre work? How many countries does it support?

We work as a team - we discuss things together and recommend making specific decisions. And our scope is really huge - budget expenses for investment, operational, HR issues - employment, interviews with employees, staff development, training, promotions. These decisions also apply to the organisation of operations, the introduction of new processes and the expansion of DCR. There are also unforeseen situations.
Everyday functioning of DCR means the implementation of tasks on a really huge scale. The centre occupies almost 300,000 m2. We have over 250,000 europallets. We currently serve 12 JYSK Nordic countries, 700 stores and online customers, as well as franchise - 30 stores in 13 countries, including Dubai, North Macedonia and Kazakhstan.
How do I understand the role of the Distribution Centre? In my opinion, it is primarily a business partner. We would not be here if it was not for the stores - and vice versa. An efficient operation is dependent on our good work and cooperation. 

What surprised you the most in JYSK and at the Distribution Centre?

Openness and a professional start – that is definitely a big plus. I had the right time to adapt and I had support from the team, as well as from headquarters in Denmark. This is an asset that cannot be overestimated - especially for a new employee who does not know the company: what is the culture like, what challenges does the company face, what should I focus on from the beginning, and what can wait. 

Would you like to reveal some details about your daily work?

I think the scale of our shipments may be surprising. In its definition, we do not use the number of packages, but cubic meters. We send about 150,000 m3 monthly, which means roughly 100 trucks with deliveries to stores a day. The Distribution Centre in Radomsko currently employs almost 700 people and we are constantly expanding the team to guarantee the highest level of service, also in the biggest periods, such as Black Friday, Christmas sales and garden season.  

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