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Date: 18/03/2020

Author: Mikkel Barkler, Communications & PR

Category: People

We have asked four new colleagues from different countries what it has been like to start in JYSK. Here you can meet Hayat from Bulgaria, Elena from Spain, Nino from West Balkan and Panos from Greece.

Hayat from Bulgaria 

Hayat from Bulgaria
Hayat, Logistics Responsible (Store)

“I am really impressed with how JYSK makes efforts and cares about every single employee and how they succeed in doing so with more than 23,000 employees. I joined JYSK less than three months ago and everyone has already been really nice, patient and professional towards me. When I was on training related to the garden furniture and concept, I had the chance to meet other colleagues that showed me some tips and tricks about the different routines in JYSK. I advise all my future colleagues - take part in the training programs, they are really useful and will help you develop further in JYSK.”

Elena from Spain 

Elena from Spain
Elena, Logistics (DCV)

“Starting in JYSK has been exciting. I was nervous about the new job in the beginning, but everyone has been kind and helpful. I have already taken part in a store re-opening, which allowed me to meet many new colleagues as well as seeing how the store operates. My advice for a new colleague starting in JYSK is to learn as much as possible from all the colleagues and to take the time to take proper notes.”

Nino from West Balkan

Nino from West Balkan
Nino Stepinac, Development Manager

“First couple of weeks have been hectic – getting to know the company, the processes, the people (all the names!) but with support from colleagues, things have started to settle. Best experience so far was the intro program where I was introduced to all the different departments. I think the culture is great and I am looking forward to helping JYSK grow and open many more great stores! My advice for new colleagues would be just to relax and enjoy the beginning of the journey and always ask if you need anything – you can ask anyone for help.”

Panos from Greece

Panos from Greece
Panos Theodorakopoulos, Customer Service Supporter

“When I joined JYSK Customer Service, I thought it would be like the other jobs I have had as Customer Service Supporter. But I can assure you that JYSK is completely different. The environment is unique and I enjoy going to work every day. I am the newest member of the team but it already feels like home. It is amazing that every day I learn new things and feel more confident. If you do your best, you will definitely be rewarded. In JYSK – I can already feel that.” 

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