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Vesna Najdenovska

Vesna built her dream home with JYSK

Date: 15/12/2022

Author: Zvjezdana Novak, Communications Manager JYSK Slovenia, Croatia, BiH and Serbia

Category: People , Product Assortment visited Vesna Najdenovska's home, which she decided to completely decorate with products from JYSK.

A year and a half ago, Vesna Najdenovski, a Sales Assistant from JYSK Celovška in Ljubljana (Slovenia), moved with her family into new family home. The house of 120 square metres consists of a living room, a bedroom, two children's rooms, two bathrooms, a kitchen, a pantry, a wardrobe and a hallway with a staircase. At first, there was nothing unusual about that house - until Vesna opened the door of her home to

Vesna's family house before moving in
Vesna's family house before moving in

Before the actual construction, Vesna had a vision of how everything should look, but without an exact plan on paper. So together with her husband, she agreed on the details "on the go". As for the arrangement itself, Vesna says that the lighting of the rooms was decisive.

"I worked out almost everything in my head, where each piece of furniture would go, although we still didn't know what the layout of the house would be. I had everything ready, so that some pieces were bought years earlier and were ready to find their place in the house," Vesna recalls.

An interesting anecdote is that the entrance had to be built according to the size of the already purchased JELLING bench. All Vesna's relatives had garages full of JYSK furniture that she had bought and no longer had place to store herself. All the furniture, except for the kitchen, was assembled by Vesna herself with help of her children, and she says that she doesn't know where her inspiration comes from - "It's just me!" she says.


When asked which product from JYSK's assortment is her favorite, Vesna readily answers.

"My favorite are products from the NORDBY series because that style is closest to me and I wanted to have white furniture in combination with black accessories. A room equipped in this way appears larger and brighter. And this is my dream home today!"

plans for the future

The house decoration project is finished for now, but Vesna is also planning the decoration of the environment and outdoor space with a laundry room, wellness, terrace and summer kitchen, for which she already has a developed concept.

"It's all already planned in my head and I know exactly how it will look in the end. Most of the furniture and decorations have already been bought and are waiting for their moment. VONGE garden furniture, KOPERVIK table, LOMMA chairs and much more," says Vesna.

Vesna with her husband Aleš and sons Dominik and Nikolas

See More photos from Vesna's home below:

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