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Ventsislav talks about the future of Logistics


Author: Raluca Dascălu, Communications Manager, JYSK Romania

Category: Careers & HR , Logistics , People

Ventsislav Chavdarov Logistic Manager DCB
Ventsislav Chavdarov, Logistic Manager Distribution Center Bozhurishte

One year ago, Ventsislav Chavdarov started his new job as Logistic Manager in Distribution Centre Bozhurishte (DCB), after 13 years of working in Logistics for another large international company. Two new important projects were implemented in DCB since then, but new challenges have also arisen. visited the distribution centre and met with Ventsislav, who was eager to give us an insight into what is happening behind the scenes. 

While visiting the Inbound and Outbound area, the high bays and the online orders area, he talked about daily operations, technology, plans and challenges. 

“As a team we are progressing pretty well. We have managed to go in the right direction. We have delivered some very nice results in terms of productivity, efficiency and the way we are managing the business. On top of that, we are proud of the ESS (employee satisfaction survey) results, where we managed to increase the results with double digits compared to the previous survey,” Ventsislav says about the results from this year.

Ventsislav Chavdarov Logistic Manager DCB
Logistic Manager Ventsislav Chavdarov (right) talking with one of the warehouse teams.

Technology and automation

He is now preparing the final details for the new financial year, which begins in September, attending meetings about the budget, actions and future initiatives.  

"More automation and the use of technology is the future of Logistics, and not only of Logistics, but also the other parts of the business,” says Ventsislav, when asked about the challenges that everyone is facing now, like supply chain shortages, increased fuel prices and workforce scarcity.

His typical working day starts early in the morning, even before getting in the car and driving to work, when he is checking the BI (Business Intelligence) reports, sales figures and logistics KPI's that give him an insight into how things are developing. At work, he has daily planned meetings with members of his team and other people from the organisation, and then he goes to the distribution centre to see how things are working.

Seet A video interview below:

Expansion and green energy

During the last year, two new important projects were started in DCB. The first one is the construction of a new logistics zone, which will increase the capacity by nearly 30%. The area is currently under construction and is expected to be finished during fall.

Ventsislav Chavdarov

  • His house is a 10-minute drive from Distribution Centre Bozhurishte (DCB)
  • He is very good at barbecuing
  • Has two children
  • Loves to go fishing and hiking with his family
  • Best leadership advice: "There are no problems, only opportunities"

"The expansion will support our growth for the years to come, serving new countries like Turkey and the new stores. It is very important and we were just right on time with the investment," says Ventsislav.

The second project finished this summer and it will help the distribution centre reduce the CO2 emissions by installing solar panels that will provide 15% of the energy used for the facility.

"The solar panels are already producing energy and in the past three weeks we saw that what we have planned for the investment is actually proving to be reality," explains Ventsislav.

See more pictures with the DCB team

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