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En af vindergrupperne med de fem JYSK-medarbejdere

Students give JYSK new ideas for growth

Date: 08/11/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

Category: Careers & HR , People

Almost 1,000 students participated in this year's Master Case Challenge at Aarhus University in September. The winners could present their proposed solutions to part of JYSK's Executive Management Team.

In September, the annual Master Case Challenge was held at Aarhus University. JYSK participated as a case company for the third time, where a group of five JYSK employees presented a relevant case to the interested master's students.

Before the competition, I mostly associated JYSK with "A great offer". I did not know how much JYSK works with quality and sustainability. This has made JYSK a much more attractive workplace for me now.
- Mille Sofie Juul from Group B

The five JYSK employees for the Master Case Competition
Jimmi Knudsgård Jakobsen, Mette Hartlev, Martin Kjærgaard Eriksen, Frederikke Steensbeck-Vest og Ann Høien Ørsted Christiansen participated in Master Case Challenge where they were to select the winning groups of this year's case.

This year's case from JYSK was about how JYSK can attract younger generations as customers.

"Although the great offer and the Lars Larsen spirit, that JYSK is known for, still lives on, we need to get the story of the modern JYSK out and reach the younger target group. The students can provide us with proposed solutions for this, as many of them are part of the generation we are reaching for," says Jimmi Knudsgård Jakobsen, who is Sales Director at JYSK and took part in this year's Master Case Challenge.

A well-considered proposal

Between 85 and 100 students from the Commercial and Retail Management degree and other degrees sat down in groups and were given four hours to each prepare their proposal for solving the JYSK case. The five JYSK employees then selected the best groups, which were celebrated on stage in front of the almost 1,000 new master's students at Aarhus University.

The proposals from the winning groups

Group A:
Katrine Gejlsbjerg Hansen, Rasmus Neergaard Ellekrog-Petersen, Anne-Louise Bisgaard og Frederik Arentoft Møller Hansen suggested targeting generation Z by implementing a Scan & Pay solution and using influencer marketing, where the profits would go to charity.

Group B:
Micaela Lujan Rosmari, Laura Lassen, Flóra Viktória Endrődi og Mille Sofie Juul suggested targeting generation Z by implementing a function on the website where customers can resell their used JYSK products.

"We are of course aware that the students only have four hours. So, we don't expect them to hit the mark or to think about every detail. When we select the winners, we emphasise, among other things, that they have an implementation plan and that the students have familiarised themselves with JYSK as a company," says Jimmi.

“I was a little nervous”

The winning groups received detailed feedback from the Sales & Expansion department so that they could make their proposals even better before visiting the Head Office in Brabrand. Here they had to present their proposal to, among others, Rami Jensen, Deputy President & CEO at JYSK, and Jørgen Lund, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing.

"I think the people at the Head Office were kind, even though I was a little nervous. They were good at giving feedback and they made it a relaxed experience," says Laura Lassen from Group B.

Rasmus Neergaard Ellekrog-Petersen from Group A was also happy with the feedback, which was both interesting and challenging.

"It was great to get feedback at the Head Office, where I experienced that we were actually challenged on our ideas with critical questions and that they did not just pay lip service to us. Overall, it was really interesting to hear some thoughts from those who you actually want to end up being like," Rasmus continues.

The groups present at the JYSK head office in Brabrand.
The two winning groups present their proposed solution at the JYSK Head Office in Brabrand. 

Much more than a great offer

According to Jimmi, the annual Master Case Challenge helps to change the young people's view of JYSK for the better, which is part of the strategic consideration of being involved. By having the young students get involved in the case and hear presentations about what JYSK can offer as a company and workplace, they will see that JYSK keeps up with the modern developments.

"Before the competition, I mostly associated JYSK with "A great offer". I did not know how much JYSK works with quality and sustainability. It has made JYSK a much more attractive workplace for me now," says Mille Lassen from Group B.

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