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”Sleep Academy gave me new knowledge and new friends”

Date: 05/11/2018

Author: Christoffer Skjødt, Communications Intern

Category: Careers & HR , People

Martin Vad, Sales Assistant and Area Responsible in JYSK Viborg, Denmark, has participated in JYSK Sleep Academy.

The first 20 employees from Denmark have been through the third and final module of the JYSK Sleep Academy for this year. They gain new knowledge and new friendships from the several modules. 

"It has really been a fantastic course, where I have gained a lot of new knowledge about many of our products. A knowledge that I use every day, when I help our customers.”

The words are from Martin Vad, Sales Assistant and Area Responsible in JYSK Viborg, Denmark. He is one of the 20 employees, who participated in the first full course of JYSK Sleep Academy.

During 2018, Martin and his colleagues have been on three stays in Denmark, where they visited several suppliers to gain more knowledge about some of JYSK's products.

"Our course has been particularly good because the suppliers have been very committed to teaching us all the details of the several products. It has given me a wide knowledge, which I could pass on to my colleagues," says Martin.

Martin (centre) used his knowledge from the JYSK Sleep Academy to train his colleagues in the store.

19 new friendships

In addition to all the technical inputs, the course also resulted in new friendships among all the colleagues, who come from different places in Denmark.

“I finish the course with new knowledge and especially 19 new friendships. During the course, the team became like a family. I also have an agreement with my new friends that we will see each other for the Christmas party," says Martin.

He has no doubt that JYSK Sleep Academy will result in even better customer service back in the store.

"Whether it is a duvet or a bed, I really feel that I have become an expert in the field, because I know all the details and how each one helps the customer in the best possible way," says Martin.

Success continues next year

HR Manager in Denmark and responsible for JYSK Sleep Academy, Lene Houe, is very happy with the results from the course.

"All the participants have been dedicated and commited during the entire course. They have also received a lot of praise from all our suppliers. They have impressed me a lot," says Lene.

It has been decided that JYSK Sleep Academy will continue next year where Sales Leaders will also be invited.

JYSK Sleep Academy

  • JYSK Sleep Academy trains the best salespeople and experts in sleeping and living in Denmark by giving them a wider knowledge about JYSK products. 
  • The course is divided into 3 modules and takes place from March to October each year. 
  • The participants are selected by their District Manager, but in order to qualify you must be a good salesperson in either duvets or mattresses. You also have to be ready to receive even more knowledge and use it to train your colleagues afterwards.


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