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Šárka went from Czech store to Danish Head Office

Date: 20/02/2024

Author: Martin Sodemann, Communications Consultant

Category: Careers & HR , People

Šárka Ferencová is living proof that when you bring dedication, you meet possibilities at JYSK.

12 years ago, Šárka Ferencová applied for a student job at T402 in Prague in the Czech Republic. Today she’s Product Owner in Operation Finance at the Head Office in Brabrand, Denmark. A journey made possible by her desire to learn and improve.

Šárka Ferencová celebrating 10 years of JYSK in Czech Republic
Šárka Ferencová celebrating 10 years of JYSK in Czech Republic (2012).

“When I was 18, I started working parttime in the JYSK store in Prague and six months later my Store Manager offered me full time, to which I said yes. Within a year I was Deputy Store Manager,” says Šárka.

While still studying, she continued her journey at JYSK, where she embraced opportunities for growth. Upon completing her studies in Economics, new possibilities emerged.

“My colleague Marie, who’s been working at the JYSK Head Office in Prague told me they were looking for a Junior Accountant. I wasn’t sure I could do it, but she encouraged me to try it and so did Daniel, the CZ-SK Finance manager, who trusted me. I got the job and nine months later I was leading a small team,” says Šárka.

A dream come true

Her Czech colleagues threw her a goodbye party.
Her Czech colleagues threw her a goodbye party.

From here on the team grew along with Šárka’s ambitions. She dedicated herself to her work at JYSK, and new possibilities arose.

“I always knew I wanted to move to Denmark. Then I saw a position opened, and it was like it was made just for me, so I applied and my whole life changed,” says Šárka.

Moving to a new country was a big adjustment. However, having spent more than 10 years at JYSK already, Šárka was familiar with her new colleagues.

“Changing country is changing your whole life, but I felt safe, being part of JYSK. I knew my new manager and the others in the department,” says Šárka.

More to come

Šárka Ferencová at her office in Brabrand.
Šárka Ferencová at her office in Brabrand.

It’s fair to say that Šárka is not only making a difference for JYSK. JYSK has also made a difference in her life.

“It’s not only a job, but also a lifestyle. Working at JYSK taught me valuable lessons in how to be respectful to others and the importance of communicating,” says Šárka.

And she is still learning. She started in her new position in November 2023, and it’s still new to her. But eventually she will excel there as well, and then it’s on to the next big thing.

“I'm certain that my journey at JYSK is far from over. While I may not have a concrete plan now, I sense an opportunity to make a significant contribution. JYSK’s consistent trust in me has empowered me to take on new challenges and deliver results whenever I've set my mind to it,” says Šárka.

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