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Romanian high school professors visiting JYSK store in Dubrovnik

Date: 10/01/2023

Author: Zvjezdana Novak, Communications Manager JYSK Slovenia, Croatia, BiH and Serbia

Category: Careers & HR , People

Colleagues from JYSK store in Dubrovnik and secondary school teachers from Buzau (Romania) and Dubrovnik shared good experience and JYSK's way of working with apprentices.

At the end of 2022, colleagues from JYSK store in Dubrovnik had great opportunity to present how they work with apprentices - the youngest generation of the team, how they develop and prepare them for further professional careers as Sales Assistants.

As part of  professional visit of 15 professors from School of Economics from the city of Buzau, Romania, the Romanian representatives during their five-day visit exchanged experiences and knowledge with their colleagues from School of Economics and Trade in Dubrovnik as part of the "CODE TO ACCESS LABOR MARKET" project and visited some of the places where students have their trade practice.

professors from Romania during their visit to the store
Professors from Romania with apprentices during their visit to the JYSK store

Store Manager from JYSK store in Dubrovnik, Nikolina Plećaš, communicate part of JYSK's good practice to them and showed how they in JYSK work with apprentices and develop new generations of future employees.

Among other things, Nikolina briefly presented JYSK and its operations on a global and local level, ways of training students, their evaluation, emphasizing the importance of good communication between her and professor of the Secondary School of Economics and Trade in Dubrovnik, Meri Šerba, who is in charge of the students on trade practice.


"The main goal of the project is to improve practice of students in both schools, and JYSK was chosen as an example of good practice in training for students," said Professor Šerba as reason for visiting this Dubrovnik store.

Along with Store Manager, the Sales Assistant Matea Previšić, who until recently herself attended School of Economics and Trade in Dubrovnik, joined the presentation of working with students.

After the introductory presentation, professors visited store and apprentices in the departments where they presented to them acquired competencies.

Prezentacija rada


"Apprentices had the opportunity to show what they have really learned so far through practice, such as how to stack goods on shelves, how to talk with customers through a sales conversation, decorate the space and all the other tasks they perform in their daily student practice. And I have to admit, they really made a lot of progress!", said Nikolina Plećaš, Store Manager of JYSK store in Dubrovnik, with a smile.


Nikolina Plećaš sa profesoricama
Nikolina Plećaš, Store manager in JYSK Dubrovnik with professors during visit


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