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New posters - same JYSK

Date: 04/09/2019

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Strategy

As part of our new Seamless and Closer to the Customer strategy, all stores, offices and distribution centres will get new posters, containing the name and explanation of the strategy as well as our JYSK House.

The JYSK House comes in a new and modern design, but the messages in each room are very familiar. That is because our vision and mission have not changed. This is also the case with our JYSK Values, our JYSK Leadership, our Customer Promises as well as our Sales & Service concept.

Below you can see the new strategy posters for our stores:

New JYSK strategy poster
The JYSK House comes in a new and modern design, but the messages in each room are very familiar.


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