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New packaging saves 3 million plastic handles

Date: 28/02/2023

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: CSR , Product Assortment

In March 2023, all ergonomic pillows in the WELLPUR assortment by JYSK will be launched in stores and online with improved packaging and production that saves millions of plastic handles and metal zippers every year.

By removing the plastic handles on the packaging and instead incorporating the handle in the cardboard box, JYSK will save 3 million plastic handles every year. And by replacing the zippers with a textile closing, JYSK will save 1 million metal zippers each year.

“I’m proud that, together with our suppliers, we’ve been able to reduce the use of both plastic and metal for our WELLPUR pillows. We still have a lot of potential to do even more, but this is a small step in the right direction to reducing the use of unnecessary materials. The good thing about these improvements is that the reductions are every year from now on, so it’s not just a one-time benefit, but a continuous improvement,” says Berit Stokholm Christiansen, Category Manager for duvets and pillows at JYSK.

WELLPUR packaging

Part of an ongoing focus

Replacing the zippers on the actual pillows will be a practical textile solution, which means that two layers of fabric will overlap and make a soft closing. To remove the plastic handles on the sales packaging, a built-in handle has been cut out of the cardboard box.

“Whenever we can remove unnecessary plastic and other superfluous materials in our packaging, we need to do so. We always take care not to make the packaging less practical, and the packaging needs to protect the products in an optimal way. The new, cut-out cardboard handle is a good example of an improvement that only has advantages,” says Lars Høgh Jensen, Packaging Development Specialist at JYSK.

The improved packaging and production for WELLPUR pillows is part of an ongoing focus at JYSK to reduce the use of plastic. Previously, JYSK removed all plastic packaging on bed linen, which saved an annual amount of 27 million plastic bags.

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Martin Germann Ich finde das als Kunde super. Auch als Verkäufer bin ich überzeugt das dies eine super Sache ist. Und wenn man mit so einer "einfachen" Änderung dermaßen viel verändern kann ist das natürlich doppelt bzw. 3-fach super. TOP
Sam Good move! Improving bit by bit.

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