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Say “goodbye” to the wall of plastic: New sustainable packaging for bed linen and sheets


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Sustainability

New packaging
The daily light focuses on the texture and color of the material in the new packaging.

Since end January, we have seen new packaging for bed linen & sheets in stores. The transition to FSC certified paper-based packaging from plastic is underway and is taking JYSK another step in a more sustainable direction.

The bed linen & sheets in the new packaging look much better in the store space. By resigning from plastic packaging, the colors of the products can be seen much more clearly, thus it draws customer attention faster.

Since end January, the transition from plastic packaging to paper-based packaging on bed linen & sheets has been ongoing. Tomek Błaszczyk, Sales Assistant in JYSK Skierniewice, Poland has already experienced a lot of advantages.

The combination of quality with the new label influence the value of the article and moreover increases it automatically. In addition, the paper tape in the center of the product makes it easier to find size information and other technical specifications.

“Our customers notice it. On the one hand, they support and congratulate a responsible approach to the environment. On the other hand, they emphasize the advantages of the new FSC paper tapes in terms of a better familiarization with the product and a friendly presentation in the store space,” says Tomek.

Several advantages

Overall, the new packaging will remove 27 million plastic bags a year. If you crumpled all those bags and threw them on the floor of an average sized JYSK store of 950 square meters, the bags would fill the whole store and pile up over your head.

But the change brings more advantages. Eliminating 27 million plastic bags means avoiding generating about 475 tonnes of plastic that is made from fossil fuels; this also helps reduce the carbon footprint of JYSK. The new packaging is made from FSC certified paper (FSC N001715), and it is 100% recyclable.

The master packaging consists of a cardboard box and still has a plastic bag to protect the products, when the products are delivered to stores. Here it is important to separate the plastic bags for recycling in the stock room. At home, the customer will only have the paper band that they can recycle in their paper bin.

“Most of our customers are not able to recycle soft plastic bags at home, but the new paper-based packaging can be recycled just about everywhere. We are able to recycle the plastic bags from the master packaging with commercial recycling partners,” says Lars Høgh Jensen, Packaging Development Specialist at JYSK.

The light reflects off the old plastic packaging.

Superior customer experience

The new packaging will also help giving the customers a superior experience when looking at the shelves. However, customers should still be encouraged to touch and feel the products at the great displays to help keep package products tidy and clean.

“When they have decided which design and quality they want they can pick up the product on the shelf,” says Kathrine Møller Vinther, Category Manager Bed linen & Sheets.

There will be a transition period until all bed linen and sheets with the plastic packaging are sold, before the final “goodbye” can be said to the “wall of plastic”.

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