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New One JYSK milestone: 28 countries now use same webshop

Date: 30/06/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: E-Business

The transition towards One JYSK continues. On 24 June 2021, Switzerland had a successful “go live” with the new webshop, and now all 7 countries in the DBL Region have been migrated, and 28 JYSK countries are now on the same platform.

One JYSK webshop
The former webshop is seen on the left, and the new one on the right.

All JYSK countries except Franchise countries now operate on the same webshop. This is the case after a successful roll-out of the new webshop in the DBL Region. The number of Click & Collect orders have increased and a lot of new options have been introduced.

On 24 June, Switzerland went live as the last country, which marks another great milestone in the transition to One JYSK.

“One JYSK webshop for all will help us organise all our activities much better and manage our online marketing even better. And most importantly, we have seen great progress in the numbers for the new webshops,” says Frederikke Nielsen, Project Manager in E-Business.

Automatised product catalogue

Austria was the first country to go live in September 2020, and since then all other DBL Region countries have followed.

Besides a changed design, the new webshop has a lot of new features. It has a new navigation and the product catalogue is now imported automatically. This means that more than 500 extra products are now available online.

Furthermore, the new webshop makes it possible to include blogs and guides, which will better inspire customers, and it has opened up new opportunities for JYSK to increase sales and drive customers to the webshop and the stores.

“This has been a huge project with a lot of people involved across the organisation and in different countries. We have had a pretty quick roll-out, and it has only been possible with the great dedication and fantastic team work from everyone involved,” says Frederikke.

The “go live” was celebrated on 24 June with ice cream and balloons at JYSK Head Office in Brabrand, Denmark, and Regional Head Office in Handewitt, Germany.

One jysk webshop

  • The webshop offers a new design, automatised product catalogue, blogs and guides for customers, and the option to shop by brands, among a lot of other things.
  • Conversion rate (percentage of visits that have completed an order in the webshop) increased by 9% (JES) as the lowest and 282% (JFR) as the highest*
  • Funnel rate (percentage of visits that have started the checkout and successfully completed an order) increased by 52% (JES) as the lowest and 228% (JFR) as the highest*
  • Increase in placed Click & Collect orders by 30.1% in total for the DBL Region countries*
  • The new webshop runs on a Drupal/WSS platform with integrations to a lot of other systems like SAP, Salesforce, Store Universe and more.
  • The former DBL Region countries are: Austria, Italy, Spain, Portugal, France, Germany and Switzerland.

*Numbers for Switzerland not included.

Celebration Handewitt
Angela-Kristina Bumke and Malte-Georg Gentsch from E-Business decorated the canteen in Handewitt for the celebration on 24 June 2021.​​​​​
Celebration Brabrand
The "go live" was also celebrated in Brabrand.
One JYSK webshop
Another look at the new webshop (the former to the left, the new to the right).


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