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My sixth Paralympics


Author: Zuzana Rafajlovič, Communications Manager

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With 5 months remaining until the start of the Paralympic Games in Paris, Aleš Kisý, a Czech Paralympic medalist, is preparing for his sixth Paralympics.

Aleš Kisý
At the World Para Athletics Championships in Paris 2023,
Aleš Kisý won bronze.

In July 2023, Aleš Kisý secured his place in the upcoming Paralympics with his performance at the World Para Athletics Championships in Paris. He left Paris with a bronze medal, knowing that he would return in a year to represent the Czech Republic at the 2024 Paralympics.

An Exceptional Experience in China

When one has the opportunity to interview an athlete preparing for their sixth Paralympics, it's essential to ask about their fondest memories. This was the case in an interview for

"My best memories are from Beijing. It was excellently organized, they took great care of us, and most importantly, during our free time, we could mingle with people. We went to see the Great Wall and the Forbidden City. I generally love Asian culture, so I really enjoyed it, and for this reason, I was also looking forward to Tokyo," Aleš reminisces about his experiences in China.

Aleš Kisý
Tokyo 2020 Paralympic Games


Bronze in Tokyo

The last Paralympics in Tokyo were marked by covid, so cultural exploration wasn't possible.

"I brought back the coveted medal from Tokyo, so in terms of results, it was my most successful Paralympics. However, the overall experience and atmosphere are a bit sadder in my memories. Everything was accompanied by constant checks; we couldn't go anywhere, and after the races, we had to fly home. We didn't participate in the closing ceremony, which saddened me because I would have experienced it for the first time with a medal," says Aleš.


Aleš kisý, Czech Paralympic representative in shot put

  • Aleš was born in 1980 in the Czech city of Trutnov.
  • In 1999, he suffered an injury resulting in paralysis of both upper and lower limbs.
  • He participated in five Paralympic Games.

  • At the Paralympic Games in Tokyo in 2020, he won a bronze medal in shot put.

  • Aleš has been a lifelong sports enthusiast; before the injury, he played soccer and hockey, after the injury, he practices athletics and wheelchair rugby.


Preparation for Paris

Aleš KisýAfter last year's successful World Championships in Paris, Aleš focused mainly on recuperation and rehabilitation for several months.

"The World Championships were the highlight of last year's athletics season for me, which I managed to finish with a medal. It was a huge burden, after which I needed rest. "

Since the new year, Aleš has started his preparation—initially with strength training several times a week and later transitioning to two-phase training.

„To be honest, those training sessions hurt, but on the other hand, I can't imagine life without sports anymore. It gives me more strength, which a person in a wheelchair needs. If my health allows it, I will do everything to defend what I achieved at the last Paralympics - bringing home a medal," he says about his expectations.

I Can't Imagine Life Without Sports

Apart from athletics, Aleš also plays wheelchair rugby.

"After the injury, they approached me to try wheelchair sports, and rugby seemed like a good choice considering my disability. At first, I was reluctant because it's a demanding and contact sport, but it caught my interest, and I truly love this sport. Mainly because it's a team sport, and I have a great bunch of people around me."

Aleš Kisý
Aleš Kisý is the captain of the rugby team Captains.

In August 2023, JYSK released a video featuring parasport athletes from several countries, including Aleš Kisý, talking about motivation and challenges.

Everyone can succeed from JYSK A/S on Vimeo.

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