JYSK optimises packaging of containers and saves transportation

Date: 29/11/2017

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: Compliance and Quality , CSR , Logistics

Supply Chain Optimisation Coordinator, Pernille Havndrup, on supplier visit.
Supply Chain Optimisation Coordinator, Pernille Havndrup, on supplier visit.

3 JYSK colleagues, 8 days in China and Vietnam and 11 supplier visits have resulted in a saving of 30 containers in transportation.

Once a year, a small JYSK team travels abroad to visit selected suppliers. The purpose is to optimise the packaging quality and the stowage, which is the name for the process of utilising the space in the container best possibly.

One of the team members is Supply Chain Optimisation Coordinator, Pernille Havndrup, who recently returned to the distribution centre in Uldum after a trip to China and Vietnam.

According to Pernille, the packaging of goods at the supplier has an impact on many things.

”The better the space in the container is utilised, the more products we can fit into each container and the less containers we need. That means reduced expenses on transportation and at the same time reduced environmental damage,” explains Pernille.

Focus on work environment

Furthermore, it has a huge influence on how efficiently the distribution centres handle the goods when receiving them and how heavy the load is for each employee.

“When we work with optimising the packaging of goods, we also think a lot about the work environment at our distribution centres. It should be fast and efficient without too many lifts,” says Pernille.

Sensing a clear progress

A container tightly packed with goods.
A container tightly packed with goods.

When the small JYSK team visits the suppliers, the work does not take place at an office behind a desk.

“It is a very practical task. We lie on the floor with measuring tape and climb around in the containers,” says Pernille.

However, the hard work and the many supplier visits pay off.

”We can feel a clear progress. The first couple of years we could spend four days with one of the big suppliers. This year, we only spent half a day because they had most things under control,” says Pernille.

More specifically, one of the results from this year’s supplier visits is that repackaging a product means that JYSK on a single product number saves transportation and handling of approximately 30 containers in a year.

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