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JYSK is now certified within recycling


Author: Laura Roesgaard, Sustainability Communications Consultant , JYSK

Category: Sustainability , Product Assortment , Strategy

For several years, JYSK has sold products with recycled materials certified according to the Global Recycled Standard (GRS), and now JYSK has become certified as a company.

What is GRS? 

The Global Recycled Standard (GRS) is an international, voluntary standard that verifies recycled materials and tracks it from the recycler to the final product. To ensure traceability, all links in the supply chain must be certified, including JYSK.

Independent auditors have looked closely at JYSK's work with recycled materials and as a result, JYSK has now received a GRS certificate covering our own business. 

“We want to increase the use of recycled materials to support the development towards a more circular economy. It is important to us that we can document that the materials we use are actually recycled materials. A third-party certification such as GRS can help us with this,” says Lars Høgh Jensen, Packaging Development Specialist.

Fast and important development

In the last two years, the number of GRS-certified products has been increasing rapidly.

Sara og pyntepude
Sara Højgaard Rasmussen, Category Manager, Home Textiles.

According to Sara Højgaard Rasmussen, who is Category Manager for Home Textiles, today the filling in almost all cushions is GRS-certified and made from recycled plastic bottles. Now the focus is on the fabrics.

"The development of increasing the amount of recycled materials is going fast, but it should not go any faster than our known quality can keep up with. We make sure of that through quality controls," says Sara.

Sara experiences that the development in the market in general is fast.

"It is much easier today than two years ago. The suppliers have another mindset - today it is a given that we request GRS," says Sara.

And the increase in using recycled materials both in JYSK and in the market in general is important.

"Essentially, it is all about taking care of our planet. A large company like JYSK of course has to take responsibility. And as a Category Manager, I play a part in that responsibility as well - I have to truly believe in it,” says Sara and adds:

"The fact that JYSK has now received its own GRS certification sends a clear signal that we stand behind this, and we trust the setup.”

Today, the GRS certification is found primarily on polyester and cotton, for example almost all JYSK’s cushions are GRS-certified, among others MALVA, AGERTIDSEL and HORNFIOL. All three cushions consist of 100% recycled post-consumer polyester filling.


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