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Fossflakes produces pillows for JYSK.

JYSK introduces Fossflakes pillows in Central Europe

Date: 28/09/2018

Author: Christoffer Skjødt, Communications Intern

Category: People , Product Assortment

Fossflakes produces pillows for JYSK
Adam Foss has been CEO of Fossflakes since 2005.

Fossflakes is a Danish manufacturer of pillows and duvets, which is launching products in the Central European JYSK stores in September. It will be a new chapter in the Fossflakes' history, which already draws direct lines from Skive to JYSK and Hollywood.

The white flakes are lying as snow under the shoes, while the tall piles of pillows rise like icebergs in the distance. Even though it looks like surroundings from the coldest north, we are actually in Fossflakes’ production hall in Skive, Denmark.

"You also need to see our new machine. It will ensure even higher product quality. Quality is a key word at Fossflakes - just like at JYSK. It must be quality at good prices.”

From behind one of the large mountains of pillows, the CEO of Fossflakes, Adam Foss, steps out with a big smile. The Dane proudly presents his new machine, which produces pillows for JYSK. Pillows that will be launched in the Central European market in September.

"Even though we sell to the whole world today, we are still incredibly proud to be a part of Lars Larsen's and JYSK's business."
- Adam Foss | CEO of Fossflakes

”Together with JYSK, we will present two custom-made pillows for Central Europe. We hope our pillows will be as popular as they already are in Denmark," says Adam Foss, while he holds out one of the new pillows.

The pillows will be introduced in the following countries: Poland, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia, Ukraine, Romania, and Bulgaria.

Fossflakes produces pillows for JYSK
On the left is the new pillow for Central Europe. On the right, a close-up of Fossflakes' unique filling.

The filling makes the difference

The volume and springiness are unmistakable qualities when you touch the pillow.

"I sleep with Fossflakes every night and can vouch for the product," says Adam Foss, while he picks up some of the soft pillow filling with his hands.

"We think that we are in the top of the fibre category with regard to quality. This is mainly due to our filling, which is a mixture of siliconised polyester fibres and our own-produced flakes. These two elements together create unique pillows and duvets with a noticeable, springy comfort and a long life. It is the filling that makes the difference,” says Adam.

The unique filling has a long history that started with the production of artificial snow for films and theatre.

"My father, Lars E. Foss, initially produced artificial snow for films. One day he noticed that the young people operating the machines at the factory were taking power naps on the bags of snow. He was inspired by the youngsters’ cleverness and brought a sack home, emptied out an old pillow, filled it with snow and slept like a log that night,"says Adam with a smile on his face.

Facts about the new pillow for Central Europe

  • Very breathable
  • Easy to shape
  • Allergy-friendly
  • Easy to wash and quick to dry
  • Made in Denmark

The filling in Fossflakes’ pillow is a mixture of 50% Fossflakes Essential (polyethylene) and 50% Fossfill Cluster (polyester fibres).

The mixture ensures that the pillow is comfortable and retains its volume.

Proud to be a part of JYSK

Even though Adam is very modest, Fossflakes has large ambitions.

"We became a partner with JYSK in 2007, and you have been our biggest partner ever since. Even though we sell to the whole world today, we are still incredibly proud to be a part of Lars Larsen’s and JYSK's business. Now we just want to be bigger - together with JYSK," says Adam.

Since Adam took over the company in 2005, Fossflakes has grown by more than 800 percent. Even though the production of pillows and duvets is the biggest business today, the company still makes artificial snow for film studios across the world.

“We still produce artificial snow for films around the world through a collaboration with Snowbusiness, which is a world-leading company in the field of effects for films. We have, for instance, made snow for the ‘Harry Potter’ films and the musical ‘Phantom of the Opera’. It is still important for us today, because it was the production of snow that started the company,” says Adam.

Fossflakes has, through the years, made a leap from snow to pillows, which soon have to be launched in Central Europe. Adam also has a plan for this launch.

“We just have to sell a lot of pillows, so everyone can try to sleep the Nordic way,“ he says.

see a video from The production hall:

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