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Focus on IT: Web with customers in mind

Date: 30/05/2023

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

Category: Careers & HR , People , Technology

Every day, the web developers improve JYSK’s webshop with the customers in focus. This is only possible with a well-tested and unified code.

The JYSK webshop handles millions of orders every year, and the Web Development team keeps working towards an even better and personalised customer experience.

Currently, Web Development works on a single-page application for the webshop written in React and TypeScript to make the customer experience even better and more personalised. When a big team works on large projects, it is important that the code is unified and tested.

“We take the time needed to refactor the code and writing tests, which provide more value in the long run. At JYSK, we always aim to make the right solutions, using the right technologies,” says Christian Wilms, who is Developer, Web.

Watch the video and learn more about Web Development in JYSK.

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