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Executive Management Team is coming to you


Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Attractive Stores , Sales Growth

Attractive store
The Executive Management Team is looking forward to visiting a lot of attractive stores.

End-October, the Executive Management Team (EMT) starts this year’s field visits and plans to visit stores in every JYSK country organisation. The purpose is to get closer to everyday life in stores and get a great dialogue with store colleagues.

Rami Jensen
Rami Jensen, President & CEO.

Every year, the eight members of the EMT tour Europe to visit stores in every JYSK country organisation. This year’s round of field visits kicks off in Poland on 24 October, while the other JYSK country organisations will follow in the coming months.

The visits offer the top management the chance to explore how the concepts and operation rules are being implemented and interpreted in stores.

“Our primary purpose is the great dialogue with the countries about what works well, possible improvements and potentials. We want to get close to the everyday life in stores to make sure that we do not make decisions in Brabrand that do not work as intended in our stores,” says President & CEO Rami Jensen.

More furniture on display

Furniture displays were one of the primary topics on the field visits last year. Here, the management had a continued focus on displaying more furniture on the walls. Over the years, some stores now have up to 20 % more furniture on wall display.

“New initiatives are always tested in a few stores before being rolled out. However, implementation in more than 3,300 stores makes room for different interpretations, and here we really have the chance to see what works well when visiting many different stores,” says Rami.

He is looking forward to his first field visit as President & CEO. However, it is far from his first field visit due to his long career in JYSK.

“We always meet enthusiastic colleagues that are happy about our visit and who want to show off their store. We really want a dialogue and to hear all inputs from our colleagues,” says Rami.

The visited stores will be informed well in advance by their country management.

Furniture wall display

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