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DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER turns JYSK: First JYSK sign in Germany

Date: 13/08/2021

Author: Michael Rotermund, Head of Communications Germany

Category: Strategy


This autumn DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER changes name to JYSK in Germany. The project is now going into the final phase with change of logos in around 970 stores, the distribution centres and in the Regional Head Office in Handewitt.

Back in 1979, our company was founded as „Jysk Sengetøjslager“ by the danish tradesman Lars Larsen. During the years „Sengetøjslager“ was removed from the name, and today JYSK is the name in 50 countries.

Only in Germany and Austria, the company was called „DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER“. However, due to the merge between DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER and JYSK last year, it was decided to rebrand all Austrian stores to JYSK and this autumn Germany will also be rebranded as JYSK.

The first change of sign from DÄNISCHES BETTENLAGER to JYSK was done on Thursday 5 August – the day before our founder Lars Larsen could have celebrated his 73rd birthday.

Thousands of touchpoints

All over Germany the logos on the facades of around 970 stores are now being changed. But that is just the beginning. Thousands of „touchpoints“ in which customers, colleagues and the public meet the name must be changed – that goes for pens, balloons, E-Mail signatures, online appearances etc. All of that to turn the company into JYSK in all 51 countries.

First JYSK sign in DBL

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