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Back to Bulgaria to make a difference

Date: 18/12/2018

Author: Rune Jungberg Pedersen, Communications & CSR Director

Category: Careers & HR , People

Rosen Uzunov works as an IT Specialist at the distribution centre in Bozhurishte.

Rosen Uzunov and Alexander Stoykov have a common experience from living in Denmark, and as Bulgarians with a lot of Danish experiences they play an important role in building up the new distribution centre in Bozhurishte.

When Rosen Uzunov had his first day as a JYSK employee in April 2018, the distribution centre in Bozhurishte was most of all still a building site.

Rosen Uzunov works with everything from network to hardware in Bozhurishte.

Since then a lot has happened and in his job as an IT Specialist, Rosen has been a central part of building up the IT infrastructure in the brand new distribution centre.

“I think I have been involved in almost everything from CCTV (closed-circuit television) and network to hardware, and I have also paid close attention to the wiring to ensure I have knowledge about that as it might become necessary," explains Rosen.

Before moving back to Bulgaria he lived in Denmark for three years, where he studied ICT Engineering (Information and Communication Technologies) at VIA University College in Horsens, and he is really happy to use his knowledge about Denmark and Danish culture in his job in Bozhurishte.


When he moved back to Bulgaria, he had job offers from both JYSK and IBM, and he has not regretted choosing JYSK.

“I am really happy to be working here. I wake up every morning and look forward to going to work. I have fun with my colleagues, and I am part of building up something really interesting,” says Rosen.

He is also happy that by working in a Danish company he can use his knowledge of Denmark and Danish culture in Bulgaria.

“A lot of young people leave Bulgaria and never come back. I believe that by coming back I can make a difference,” says Rosen.

No regrets

Alexander Stoykov lived eight years in Denmark before he
moved back to Bozhurishte.

His story is a lot like that of his colleague in planning Alexander Stoykov.

After living eight years in Denmark working for Lego most of the time, Alexander Stoykov is back in Bulgaria working in Bozhurishte.

I love Denmark because of everything it had to offer me during my stay there. Even though,it was difficult getting used to the weather and the language, it was well worth it because of all the experience gained along the way. Due to the given circumstances, last year I decided it was time to go back home, back to my roots, and make use of all the knowledge and skills acquired. From Denmark I knew JYSK as a company with a perfect balance between price, quality and service, and I have not regretted moving back to Bulgaria to start working in JYSK,” explains Alexander.

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