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A 2700 km cycling adventure across Norway’s mountains and fjords

Date: 07/10/2020

Author: Neele Pauls, Communications & PR, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR , People

This summer one of JYSK’s very sporty District Managers, Henning Kristiansen, took on a big challenge and cycled across Norway.

Henning's cycling adventure across Norway
Henning reached the North cape after cycling 2700 km across Norway

Icy weather and heavy rain are Henning Kristiansen’s biggest obstacles on the afternoon of the 19th day of his cycling journey across Norway. Although the morning promised amazing nature scenery, sunshine and a fresh ocean breeze, riding towards Hammerfest the District Manager needs to challenge one of Norwegians spectacular mountains with its unpredictable weather conditions.

On 27 June Henning started his adventure towards the North Cape from Norway’s most Southern region. Driven by JYSK’s values and motivated by his fellow Norwegian colleagues Henning got on his bike in Lindesnes to fulfil a long cherished dream, overcome natural and technical challenges and reach the North Cape. 21 days, 2700 km and over 20,000 altitude metres were laying ahead of him.

Team spirit

Although the District Manager came across a few obstacles on the way, all along the journey JYSK’s values and his Norwegian colleagues kept Henning reaching for his goal. Whether it was technical problems with his bike or heavy rain, Henning didn’t let anything get him off the track.

“The support from all my fellow colleagues gave me extra motivation every day, and I felt obligated to go the extra mile during the trip,” explained Henning.

Whether in Evje, Narvik or any of the many other stops Henning made, the JYSK family was there to cheer him up, give out waffles and chocolate cake or simply welcome Henning with a big smile.

A successful journey

For one stage, Henning was accompanied by the JYSK values in person of a colleague. Frode Arnfinn Brenden, HR Business Partner in JYSK Norway, joined him for the ride from Gol to Beitostølen. For Henning that was a big support giving him lots of positive energy and motivation.

In the end, Henning’s efforts paid off and he reached the finish line with a smile on his face and lots of loved ones and colleagues celebrating him. Not only did he reach the North Cape on 18 July, but also he had a great JYSK team experience and an amazing trip around Norway’s amazing nature and animal wild life.

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