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JYSK judge at FSC Design Award 2019

Dátum: 18/11/2019

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications & CSR Consultant

Kategória: Awards , CSR , People

JYSK’s Range & Design Manager, Rikke Blæsild, is among the judges at this year’s FSC Design Award that takes place on 20-21 November in Copenhagen.

Rikke Blæsild at FSC Design Award 2018
In November last year, Rikke Blæsild, Range & Design Manager in JYSK, visited FSC Design Award 2018.

Once again, JYSK supports the FSC Design Award and for the first time, JYSK is represented in the panel of judges.

The competition puts focus on sustainability in the production of designs by challenging Danish design and architecture students to combine sustainability and good design in wood.

“Sustainability is a focus area in JYSK, and we are continuously working to develop and find sustainable solutions and alternatives when it comes to our products, for example by choosing FSC-certified wood. Therefore, it is very relevant for us to be represented at FSC Design Award,” says Rikke Blæsild, Range & Design Manager in JYSK.


On a daily basis, Rikke works in JYSK’s Range & Design department where she, together with her colleagues, sets the direction for JYSK’s assortment based on trends. With an education as product developer, she has experience with developing on existing products.

“FSC Design Award is a great place for upcoming designers to be seen and heard. It is an opportunity to think outside the box, be creative and make innovative and interesting designs that focus on sustainability,” says Rikke.

Winners FSC Design Award 2018
The winners of FSC Design Award 2018 Anna Ohmsen and Emma Bukhave Vidarsson with their design "Frames" - 
a beautiful lamp in wood.


As something new, the UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals are incorporated as a new element in the competition. It is a requirement for the participants in the competition that they incorporate at least one of the 17 Development Goals in their design. 

“The Sustainable Development Goals are a good starting point for making sustainability, which can be somewhat abstract, more concrete and relatable. I am very much looking forward to seeing how the young designers unite sustainability and design and hearing their ideas behind their products, when they present their designs to us judges,” says Rikke.

The main prize is a design trip to Vietnam, where the winner will get the chance to develop a prototype of the winning design.


  • FSC stands for Forest Stewardship Council. It is a non-profit organisation and labelling system for wood and paper, which originate from sustainable forestry,  where animal and plant life is taken into account. 
  • Read more about FSC here.
  • FSC Design Award takes place on 20-21 November in Copenhagen.
  • The competition is for Danish design and architecture students and newly graduates.
  • JYSK has been a member of FSC Denmark since 2006, and JYSK has supported FSC Design Award since 2007.
  • Read more about FSC Design Award here.


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