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JYSK becomes new sponsor of Veszprém Handball Team

Päivämäärä: 06/03/2019

Author: Laura Sulbæk Frederiksen, Communications & Sponsorship Consultant

Kategoria: People

Sponsor of Veszprem
Sándor Szimeiszter, Country Manager of JYSK in Hungary, telling the media about the new sponsorship of Veszprém Handball Team.

Today, JYSK and Veszprém Handball Team announced a new cooperation making JYSK one of the main sponsors of Veszprém Handball Team, as of July 2019.

Sándor Szimeiszter, Country Manager of JYSK in Hungary, and dr. Zoltán Csík Managing Director of Veszprém Handball Team Co. Ltd., presented their plans for a new cooperation between the two parties, making JYSK one of the main sponsors of Veszprém Handball Team.

JYSK and Veszprém has signed a one-year agreement, with a start of July 2019, and it means that JYSK will support Veszprém Handball Team to reach more success both in Hungary and internationally.

“Handball is very popular, not only in Hungary, but all over Europe, and JYSK wants to support and promote the healthy values which are the foundation of the sport. Fans are very proud of the successes of Veszprém Handball Team, but sponsors are also satisfied with the results, and the club inspires lots of children to try this healthy sport,” says Sándor Szimeiszter.

JYSK Hungary

  • JYSK opened the first store in Hungary, in Budapest, in 2005
  • Today, JYSK has 80 stores and more than 800 employees 

He also emphasized that the Danish mother company aligns with this cooperation, since JYSK is present in many countries where people also like handball, and Veszprém Handball Team has fans as well. The Danish Head Office of JYSK is pleased that from this summer one of the best and most popular Danish player Rasmus Lauge Schmidt will join the Hungarian record champion team.

“The first JYSK store opened in Hungary in 2005 and since then JYSK has become a part of many people’s lives as they have JYSK products in their homes. JYSK wants to further develop our position in Hungary, and we believe that our cooperation with Veszprém Handball Team will help us to increase the brand awareness of JYSK not only in Hungary, but also internationally,” says Sándor Szimeiszter.

Dr. Zoltán Csík Managing Director of Veszprém Handball Team, is also very happy with the new cooperation.
“It’s always a great honor when a now sponsor joins our team, since that confirms that we did a good job, and not only on the handball field. We are very glad that our team is well known, and not only in Hungary, but also in Europe, and the decision makers in JYSK Danish Head Office and Hungary can see a great potential with sponsoring Veszprém Handball Team,” says dr. Zoltán Csík.

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