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Trendy small furniture to be eye-catchers for JYSK

Date: 30/07/2019

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Attractive Stores , Product Assortment

Susanne Bank
Susanne Bank

11 new small furniture, which are for sale from 16 July, will be a trendy addition to JYSK's range. "Our new small furniture stands out from the crowd in their own way," says purchaser Susanne Bank.

Furniture already occupies a large part of JYSK's range for the entire home. Now, the category of small furniture such as benches, shelves and side tables will receive extra attention as 11 new small furniture add new colours and shapes to the assortment.

“With our new small furniture, we would like to take the lead with distinctive designs and eye-catching colours. They are not intended as a coherent collection, but as individual small furniture that our customers can use to add a little colour to their home. The forms and nuances have to make a splash,” says Susanne Bank, who is the purchaser of the new small furniture.

Small furniture

The collection offers, among other things, decorative shelves, colourful stools, side tables and a bench, as well as a stylish dining chair and a rustic, red shelf. The common denominator for the very different small furniture is that they are all versatile and can be used in different ways.

As something completely new in JYSK, the small furniture have English names, which in one way or another say something about the product's design or functionality.

Overview of the products

  • Wall shelf OVAL 38x60x15 brass
  • Mirror FACE ME W32xH49xD8cm black
  • Wall shelf GIMMICK W45xH60xD16cm blue
  • Trolley MOVE IT W44xH91xD31cm blue
  • Stool WAVE assorted
  • Bench TURN blue/black
  • Shelving unit DIY 70x92x35 red
  • End table CUT OUT Ø40 assorted
  • Dining chair SPIDER light grey/black
  • Wall shelf FRAME IT 34x34 assorted
  • Shelf UP SIDE DOWN W48xD22xH20 iron

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