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Trends in focus in JYSK’s marketing

Date: 21/09/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications Coordinator

Category: Product Assortment

Trends GR
The trends are presented in an insert in the campaign papers. This is the Greek version.

When JYSK at the end of September introduces three new trends within interior design, the trends get special attention in the marketing materials.

At the end of September, JYSK presents three new trends, which will be characteristic for the autumn and winter assortment. And as something new, the trends will get special attention in JYSK’s marketing materials in all JYSK Nordic countries.

It is the first time in JYSK that trends are included explicitly in the marketing of products. 

“With the three new trends, we show that our products can also be used in a different way than what we usually have focus on, which is price and function. The three trends show that the products can be styled together to create a complete room,” explains Marc Nicholas Bech Fruergaard, who is Head of Brand in JYSK.

Trends for different tastes

Marketing of the three trends across media channels has in common that the trends are divided visually into three blocks with a different expression for each.

Marc Nicholas Bech Fruergaard, Head of Brand in JYSK.

“It is important that the difference in the three trends is visible in the marketing. We want to show our customers that we have trendy products for different tastes,” says Marc.

From September, customers will meet the three trends on the front page of JYSK.xx, where they will be presented individually.

“On the website, we can present the three trends in an inspiring way and at the same time inform about the price of the individual product. Because the price is not higher just because we have changed the marketing of the products,” says Marc.

In addition, the three trends will be presented to customers in a section in the campaign papers, through short videos on social media and in TV commercials from the end of September.


The three trends for autumn/winter 2018-19


  • Striving for simplicity and harmony, THE THINKER trend draws on the classical minimalism of Scandinavian living. We create calm spaces and quiet nooks for mindfulness and being in the now.


  • Playful and unpretentious, the CREATIVE MIND trend combines feminine patterns with ethnic details to create an inviting environment. The trend is influenced by bohemian and hippie looks to induce an open mind.


  • With the HUMAN NATURE trend, we go offline and retreat from the busy world into calm nature. Our focus is on wellbeing and getting in touch with the outdoors. The trend celebrates both the beauty and strangeness of nature.


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