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Three Store Managers’ favourite new products

Date: 20/09/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Intern

Category: Product Assortment

Three Store Managers show their favourite products from the new Indoor assortment.

Joanna Vanessa Martins Costa
Joanna Vanessa Martins Costa, Store Manager, Portugal

Joanna Vanessa Martins Costa, Store Manager in Braga Retail Park, Portugal

I really like the ADSLEV chair because it has a minimalistic design. ADSLEV in grey was already a success, and the beige version makes the customers even more fascinated. With the light colour and high quality, the chair fits most homes and is a winner with most customers.

The LYNGVIG sideboard gives charm to any environment and brings visual comfort. We have had good feedback and great demand on the sideboard in our store.

The MARSTRAND dining table was already part of our summer assortment as well. It was a bestseller, because of its Scandinavian style and size extension for everyday use. So, it fits most households”.

Joannas favourite products


Romain Maquet, Store Manager, France
Romain Maquet, Store Manager, France

Romain Maquet, Store Manager in Saint-Amand-Les-Eaux, France

“The MADS vase and the TOMAS artificial flower look good together. Most of our French customers love this combination, and they make a good accessory to the LYNGVIG sideboard.

I find the LYNGVIG sideboard as a must-have for this new indoor season. The smooth curves and sliding doors give it a nice vintage look.

The OREBO pouffe looks so cosy with the soft, fury coating and light colours that matches well with the other darker colours in my other favourite products.”

Romain Maquet's favourite products


Sasa Zicklar, store manager, slovenia
Saša Žičkar, Store Manager, Slovenia

Saša Žičkar, Store Manager in Novo Mesto, Slovenia

“One of my favourite products in the new Indoor assortment is the HOLMDRUP armchair. It is very versatile and can be used in many homes because of its simple and elegant design.

I also find the JETSMARK sofa bed chaise longue incredibly comfortable, and the high quality, thick fabric makes the sofa bed durable. A bonus feature, that I would like to emphasise, is the opportunity to switch the position of the chaise longue to either the left or right side, so it fits all homes.

My third favourite product is the wall shelf TOLNE. It is beautiful and has a simple design, which make it useable in most homes. In my home, I especially like to use it for arranging my spices for cooking.”

Sasa's favourite products


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