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Three Store Managers’ best Christmas products

Date: 02/12/2022

Author: Lisette Købsted-Nielsen, Communications Consultant

Category: Product Assortment

Three Store Managers show their favourite products from the new Christmas assortment.

Suzie Bentley
Suzie Bentley, Store Manager, United Kingdom

Suzie Bentley, Store Manager in Pontefract, United Kingdom

“I love the traditional Nordic design of the little HYPERSTEN lantern. I feel that it would create a warm, cosy ambience in your living room during cold winter evenings.

The NIDHUG cushion is one of my favourites as well. The detail on this cushion is amazing, and I am drawn to the intricate embroidery design of the Christmas birds. I bought one of these immediately when I saw it, and I cannot wait to place it on my sofa during the Christmas season.

Also, the HJERTE artificial flower is eye-catching and makes a very strong visual impact. It would look amazing as the centrepiece of any Christmas lunch table”.

Suzie Bentley three products


Marco Mrsic
Marco Mrsic, Store Manager, Austria

Marco Mrsic, Store Manager in Kufstein, Austria

“JYSK has so many beautiful and amazing Christmas items. It is hard to choose my absolute favourite items.

But if I must choose, the FAFNER Christmas elf is one of my favourite products. I have two on my doorstep every year during advent. They simply spread the Christmas spirit and are real eye-catchers. No guest has yet managed to walk past them without touching them and making them shake

Also, the ELDE string light lets our Christmas tree shine in a soft light. The price combined with the good quality is simply unbeatable for me. The practical function of the timer makes the product even more valuable and a must-have for our customers.

My third favourite product is the OD fleece throw. It is perfect for the cold season. With us, the blanket is used for cosy TV evenings with the children on the couch. As an everyday product, the item is perfectly suited as a go to item for our customers or as a Christmas present”.

Marco Mrsic three products


Zenaida Mašić, Store Manager, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Zenaida Mašić, Store Manager in Bugojno, Bosnia & Herzegovina

Among the favourite products of this JYSK Christmas season are the lanterns and candlesticks, which have refreshed and completed our current assortment.

The RHODOLIT lantern in the shape of a star, with a built-in candle, a timer, and the matte black colour in combination with glass gives it a very modern look. It easily fits into any interior. I am sure that it would give a feeling of comfort, warmth, and winter magic in every home. The customers are delighted.

Also, the ELDARIT candle holder in matte black with a simple design will make every table festive and modern. It is a true example of Scandinavian simplicity, and it will not go unnoticed in any room.

My third choice is the SERAFINIT teaspoons. The set of four beautiful golden teaspoons will make every cup of hot drink endlessly pleasant this season. With them, the winter magic can begin. It perfectly complements the other gold sets from the JYSK assortment, such as the cutlery and salad bowls. Now, the holiday experience is complete”.

Zenaida Masic three products


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