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Frida i Fagersta tycker om att jobba med Visual Merchandising

Store Manager Frida believes in inspiration

Date: 20/09/2018

Author: Sandra Martinsson, PR & Communications Manager, JYSK Sverige

Category: Attractive Stores , People

Frida Jansson, Store Manager in Fagersta in Sweden, is one of many employees that are happy with JYSK's focus on creating inspirational environments in the stores.

The time and energy it takes to create inspiring environments in the stores is an effort that is well worth spending time on.

"The feeling when someone buys all the products you put together in an environment, that someone thinks your creation with JYSK products is so good that they want to have the same look at home, is amazing. It makes you feel proud of your job and JYSK products," explains Frida.

In Fagersta the store coworkers think that working with Visual Merchandising is really fun.

How have customers reacted to the inspirational environments in your store?

"We are building more and more environments where customers can see how, for example, an entire series of furniture would look together. Now we sell more products to one customer than I think we did before and we have received a lot of praise from customers for helping them get a feeling of what it would look like as a whole in their home.”

Working in a store, is there any difference for you as an employee, since you started having focus on inspiration?

"We see the furniture all day every day for long periods of time and after a while it’s not that inspiring anymore. But now when we decorate from season to season and have focus on making nice environments, it is like we bring the products back to life even for us who sell them. A nice looking store also makes you feel proud.”

At JYSK we work with a Visual Merchandising catalogue. How is the catalogue as a tool?

“The catalogue is a great foundation. It allows all stores to give customers the same experience, but it also gives us the confidence to make our own choices to create inspiring environments. For example, we do not always have the exact same product in store as displayed in the catalogue. Then we have to use our own knowledge and replace it with a product that we really believe in.”

Frida's best advice for creating inspiring environments in the store

  • Follow the advice and pictures in the Visual Merchandising catalogue.
  • Get inspiration from your colleagues.
  • Follow the lokal JYSK Facebook page for inspiration.
  • Follow some different accounts about furniture on Instagram.


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