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Shelf designed by JYSK intern in stores soon

Date: 21/01/2021

Author: Anders Græsbøll Buch, Communications Consultant, JYSK

Category: Product Assortment

The PLACE ME shelf that is available in stores from the end of January has a special story behind it: It is designed by a JYSK intern.

Camilla Randrup Sejr is 23 years old and from Herning, Denmark.

An outline and an idea from a former intern has now turned into a shelf that can be bought in many JYSK countries. 23-year-old Camilla Randrup Sejr was an intern in the Range & Design department at JYSK in the spring of 2019. Here she designed different furniture and one of those designs has now become reality.

In the end of January, the PLACE ME shelf will be for sale in JYSK stores, and the practical shelf with a blue laminate surface was designed by Camilla during her internship. She looks forward to seeing the shelf in the stores.

”It is a great addition to my resumé. I think I will feel a bit proud, when I see it in the stores. Of course I had hoped that the design would be realised, but I didn’t want to set my expectations too high,” says Camilla.

4 weeks from idea to production

The internship was a part of Camilla’s education as furniture designer at VIA Design in Herning, Denmark. During the internship she was given a few starting points and some inspirational photos and then Camilla was free to unfold her creativity.

After feedback from her colleagues in the department, the design was ready, and actually it did not take more than four weeks from the first thought to a production agreement.

”It was an awesome project, where I was involved through the whole process. I was out having meetings with the supplier, where we discussed all minor details like the joints and so on,” says Camilla.

Simple and functional

One of the outlines of the shelf from the design process

Due to the corona situation, the final delivery was delayed several times, but now the shelf is ready at last. The shelf is a sheet of wood with a petroleum-coloured laminate surface with a silver-coloured steel support.

The shelf will fit into all rooms at home no matter if it is the kitchen, the living room or the office, and that was also the original idea with the shelf.

”We tried to keep it very simple, so it could fit into many different homes. Additionally, we spiffed the shelf up with the laminate colour. I think it is a pretty awesome shelf that I definitely want in my home,” says Camilla.

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