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Selina and Denis have made quick career steps


Author: Michael Rotermund, Head of Communications Germany

Category: Careers & HR , People

DC Kammlach
Selina shows around at DC Kammlach

Selina and Denis work in the Distribution Centre (DC) in Kammlach. They have both made great career steps at a quick pace.

Selina Fleschutz, Administration Manager

As Administration Manager, Selina is responsible for:

• the entire commercial area (goods receipt, administration, store support, CDC support)

• planning of the "DC to DC" relocations and the flow of goods from the external warehouses to the DC

• the planning of special tour plans during public holidays (Easter, Christmas, etc.)

• planning deliveries for newly opened stores

• ticket communication (SDC and CDC)

• inbound planning (truck/container planning)

Selina Fleschutz, 28, has been with JYSK since 2018 and works as Administration Manager at DC Kammlach. Denis Dieterich is 34, has been with JYSK since 2019 and, as Technical Manager, is responsible for operating technology at DC Kammlach.

Both have quickly met new possibilities in JYSK, as Denis started as part-timer with previous experience as an electronics technician for energy and building technology, while Selina started as goods issue clerk.

Selina“I did an apprenticeship as an office clerk and continued my education as a business administrator through the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. I have always been interested in organising and scheduling, and once I had the training done, I saw the job vacancy at JYSK.”

Quick learners

They both had to integrate fast as it was a busy period with lots of challenges.

Selina“All of the processes were new to me, SAP was new to me – I was a career changer in logistics. But the time has helped me tremendously, I was able to learn a lot and work independently and received a lot of trust and great support. Clearly the JYSK spirit.”

Denis"Right from the start I really liked it, the collegial atmosphere, the drive to keep growing and the many opportunities for personal development. You can bring in your own ideas at any time, which are heard, discussed and then implemented if the team says OK.”

Denis Dieterich, Technical Manager

As Technical Manager, Denis is responsible for:

• the planning and execution of all tests and maintenance

• the high-bay warehouse and conveyor technology

• the complete building including tests and electrical safety

• the industrial truck fleet

Great possibilities to develop

After three and four years in JYSK, both Denis and Selina have clearly shown a great dedication, which has meant that they have grown and are now in new jobs in JYSK with bigger responsibilities.

Denis“JYSK is a global company and a really good employer. Lots of benefits, good pay, lots on top. This is rare in the logistics industry. There are many opportunities for getting started and for successful further development – it is all up to you. For me it was the best decision of my life.”

Selina“I like the diversity in my job and the opportunities that we have at JYSK. There is space to bring in your own ideas and to develop yourself further. I got a great opportunity and a job that fulfills me. I can only recommend JYSK to everyone.”

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