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Greece garden event

Scandinavian air from JYSK refreshed Athens

Date: 21/05/2021

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Product Assortment

The 67th Kifissia Flower Exhibition was the first large event in Athens allowed after lockdown. JYSK participated to bring a refreshing Scandinavian air to Greece’s capital.

With temperatures reaching 30 degrees Celsius in Athens, summer is fast approaching in Greece. As lockdown restrictions come to an end, people are looking forward to going out and enjoying the good weather.

On 6 May – the first day of the exhibition, which runs until 23 May – JYSK invited journalists and influencers to an event during which JYSK employees from Head Office and stores had the opportunity to discuss with them and present JYSK’s outdoor assortment.

JYSK was one of the sponsors of the Flower Exhibition and of the “Gardens of the World” theme park as JYSK’s garden furniture and garden accessories, selected from the experts to match perfectly the flowers and contribute to a fantastic result.

Positive experiences

It is estimated that, despite the restrictions caused by the pandemic, more than 35,000 people will visit this year, and all of them have had a great opportunity to see a sample of JYSK’s outdoor assortment in is natural environment, a garden.

But not only customers, also JYSK employees – who have the chance to see the products every day in the store – noticed how garden sets look even more beautiful when you see them outside in a garden.

Exhibition closes every day at 22:00. As the sun sets and the air becomes cooler, the JYSK garden becomes magical from the light of solar lamps and lanterns. It is the time for the last visitors to forget the tough winter and think of better and happier – or as Danes would say, hygge days.

Greece garden event

Greece garden event

Greece garden event

Greece garden event

Greece garden event

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