Poland represents JYSK at New York City Marathon

Date: 09/01/2018

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: People

JYSK’s logo was displayed in the streets of New York City as Jacek Krowiak from Poland participated in the famous New York City Marathon.

Logistic Responsible Jacek Krowiak, one of the founders of the Polish runners club KLUB BIEGACZY JYSK, recently ran 42.195 kilometres through New York City wearing the JYSK logo on his shirt.

All his colleagues from Poland and KLUB BIEGACZY JYSK supported Jacek in his participation in the New York City Marathon. 

“We are all proud that one of our colleagues, a man from JYSK, took part in such a wonderful event,” says Adrian Dróżdż, District Manager and chairman of KLUB BIEGACZY JYSK.

3 hours and 3 seconds

For Jacek, participating in the New York City Marathon was a huge dream come true. He already started planning it eight years ago. Jacek completed his tour in 3 hours and 3 seconds.

After the race, Jacek was very happy and thanked colleagues from JYSK Poland for their support and all the kind words that they have sent to him.

Ny Marathon
Jacek was one of 50,000 runners participating in the New York City Marathon, but the only one wearing the JYSK logo.


Jacek and the Statue of Liberty.


Adrian Dróżdż, District Manager and chairman of KLUB BIEGACZY JYSK. The picture is from last summer when KLUB BIEGACZY JYSK participated in the charity race Wings for Life World Run.

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