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Date: 07/08/2017

Author: Laura Roesgaard, Communications & CSR Consultant

Category: People

Logistic responsible Vladan Todorović from Serbia has chosen to share a typical working week in his life through pictures and short descriptions. Vladan is working in JYSK store in Požarevac, which is located in East Serbia. 


When there are still no customers in the store, I use the opportunity to go through checklist and make sure that all the furniture in store is in order. Of course, my colleagues and I make all corrections that are needed right away so the store is always ready for customers.



Goods arrived from distribution center today and it is ready for my warehouse. All I need to do is unpack it and put everything in its place. My colleagues always help me with this assignment so we can get back to our customers as soon as possible.



Changing prices on Wednesday evenings is always a good break from a busy day with our customers and reaching the goals. Realization of new N-plan for me and my colleagues is a big but fun challenge!



I decided to spend my day off with my son, so we went to a football game, which is our favorite pastime. After cheering for our team we went for a drink and ice cream to celebrate the victory.



On Fridays I do my best to put together as much furniture with status 21 and 81 I can so we are ready for customers on weekends. If there isn’t much furniture of that kind, I spend my day with customers or cleaning the warehouse. Our goal is to be prepared for the weekend when we have the most customers and also to make it easier for us to free up space for new goods coming in a few days.



Today my colleagues and I decided to start kick off with a cup of coffee before opening. N-plan is made and ready for realization. GO EXECUTE!



Of course, Sunday is a day for a little break from work. After successful week in store, it is wonderful to spend the day in nature with my son, relax and get ready for the next week.



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