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One week with... Magda Błochowiak from Poland

Date: 04/05/2018

Author: Benedicte Loft Mortensen, Communications Coordinator

Category: People

Administrative Responsible Magda Błochowiak from Poland has chosen to share a week in her life through pictures and short descriptions.



As Administrative Responsible, I start my working day by compiling documents for shipping and counting the inventory so that our stockroom conditions are in order.

Together with my colleagues, we open the store and our week starts with putting customer service first.


Tuesday 1

If I have a day off, I spend my free time doing what I love the most, which is running. I am an ultramarathon runner, which means that I run ultramarathons - runs that are more than 45 km. I like the distance of 100 km the most and I have already run four of such races.

I spent the afternoon with my biggest love – my daughter Aleksandra.



Wednesday is the day of delivery. From the morning, I try to help my colleagues in the stockroom. I pack the goods on trolleys and make sure that the shelves in the stores are filled with products to complete the shop.

Our Wednesday evening ritual is to prepare prices and change the prices on the shelves for the new campaign, which starts on Thursdays.    



I normally run in the morning, preferably 30 km in companionship of the best running team.

I spend the afternoon with my daughter Aleksandra. We always come up with something to do together: ice skating, biking, rollerskating, baking, shopping or going for a dessert.



I love to print and segregate the prices for a new campaign and I’m usually responsible for it. My colleagues know that I like the task a lot so even if I’m not at work, they leave me the task for Saturday.

In addition to the tasks and responsibilities associated with the campaign, we of course make sure that the store is in order and give a super service to all customers.



Saturday at work is very busy and intense as the store is closed on Sundays. Here, my running condition helps a lot!

Together as a team, we try to take care of every customer. We make sure that the store is filled with goods and we welcome every customer with a smile.


Sunday 2

I spent the day running, of course, but a smaller distance of about 15-20 km. During the winter, when it is still cold, my other passion is to swim in cold water. I have been a “walrus” or rather “seal” for two years, and I can recommend it to everyone.

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