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One day in JYSK: Three colleagues share their workday

Date: 16/11/2021

Author: Johanne Sandal Nissen, Communications Coordinator, JYSK

Category: Careers & HR

With more than 28,400 colleagues across many different countries, no two workdays are the same in JYSK. We asked three JYSK colleagues to share photos from their workday on

Below you will meet:

  • Amélie Petry, Sales Assistant in Farébersviller, France
  • Carlos Aroca, Operations Department Manager in Spain
  • Nikola Šilhanová, Accountant in Czech Republic

Amélie Petry, Sales Assistant in Farébersviller, France

JYSK employee
We have a practice called the “3P”, Plein, Prix, Propre, which in English means full, price, clean. This means I have to be aware that all our shelves are stocked, that the price tags are correct, and that the store is tidy. For an example the towels have to be folded nicely if they are not.


JYSK employee
Another big part of my job is sales and customer service. My main task is to find out what the customers need in order for me to propose the best products. I really like to leave the customers knowing that they feel satisfied with their purchase.


JYSK employee
It is important that I focus on numbers, when I for example examine which products are sold the most and which products are not. Depending on these numbers we can prepare our orders, as well as reorganise our shelves to try and increase sales.


Carlos Aroca, Operations Department Manager, Spain

JYSK employee
Before I start my shift I share a cup of coffee with my colleagues. We use this time to update each other.


JYSK employee
We start the workday with a “briefing”. This is where we organise and prioritise the workload  as efficiently as possible. In order to make such decisions, I have to rely on my team’s feedback, which is why it is important that we communicate well.


JYSK employee
It is very important to be alert of any new circumstances that may arise. This is also why I have ongoing contact with my team throughout the day. I like to be visible and share information, so that I can get my team’s input in order to analyse challenges.


Nikola Šilhanová, Accountant, Czech Republic

JYSK employee
At our Head Office in Prague, I work in the accounting department. In addition to Czech and Slovak invoices, we are also in charge of Danish invoices. My job is to process Danish invoices together with my colleagues.


JYSK employee
I start my workday by checking my emails. My job is to handle incoming invoices in the system. Part of my work is therefore also cooperation with colleagues from Denmark, mostly from the Distribution Center in Uldum, from whom I receive documents for processing. If necessary I will ask them if something is unclear to me. They are always friendly and helpful.


JYSK employee
It is important for us to maintain good relationships between colleagues in the workplace and beyond. We even founded a running club called "Churitto runners" and once a week we go jogging together.

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