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New video showcases JYSK’s success

Date: 15/03/2021

Author: Martin Fyn Aamand, Communications & PR Manager, JYSK

Category: Strategy

Although JYSK is not necessarily associated with highlighting our results, a new video showcases some of the biggest achievements in the past years.

Opening with the question, “How do you improve on your best results ever?”, a new JYSK video produced by Marketing provides insight into some of the work behind our impressive results during the last seven years.

"Our founder, Lars Larsen, created the foundation for a strong and long-lasting business with a small store concept, a focus on the right products at the right prices and a certain willingness to take risks. Today, this still characterises JYSK. To grow and develop the organisation, we focus on creating great strategies, so that JYSK remains attractive, sharp and dynamic for customers as well as employees," says President and CEO in JYSK, Jan Bøgh, who also features in the video.

During the almost 8 minutes the video runs, various aspects of JYSK are explained and results highlighted. This is includes asking customers about JYSK, improving the online shopping experience, investing in better training of staff, and updating store concepts.


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Chris Arnold What a great video, highlighting a team effort to achieve success & customer satisfaction. It makes me proud to be able to support this success from behind the scenes!

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