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New packaging secures the journey of the box mattress

Date: 06/06/2018

Author: Martin Møller Aamand, Communications & PR Manager

Category: Logistics , Product Assortment

Facebook post
Johan Lahti's Facebook post about the new packaging.

Improved packaging will ensure that box mattresses arrive unharmed to the customer.

One day at work Johan Lahti noticed something different about a box mattress.

Johan is Store Manager in Sala in Sweden and has worked for JYSK for more than 20 years. What he discovered was that the box mattress in the stockroom was significantly better wrapped in protective packaging than previously. Now with cardboard all around the mattress and wrapped in stronger plastic.

Johan took a picture of the box mattress in the new packaging and shared it with his colleagues on Facebook: "Great praise for those who decided to improve packaging on mattresses!" Johan wrote in Swedish. 51 pressed "like".

Better mattress protection called Johan to hear a little more about what he thinks about the new packaging.

"It protects the box mattresses much better than before. There was always a risk that the plastic broke or got dirty when we moved the box mattresses to the stockroom because we risked bumping into things. That is not going to happen now," explains Johan.

New box mattress packaging

Also for customers, Johan sees clear benefits from the improving packaging.

"It is often when customers take the goods home from JYSK that damages may happen. With the new packaging, we make it easier for the customer to get the box mattress safely home. So we are going to experience a smaller number of returns due to fewer transport damages," says Johan.

"Nobody wants a dirty box mattress"

Improved packaging

  • Initially, the new packaging on box mattresses is coming out in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland.
  • In the long term, the concept will be rolled-out in all JYSK Nordic countries.
  • Improved packaging is also on the way for more items.

It is JYSK's central purchasing department at the head office in Denmark, which, in cooperation with our supplier, Hilding Anders, has developed the stronger packaging.

"We have started with the box mattresses because this is where we have had the biggest challenges. The mattresses were not necessarily damaged, but no customer wants a dirty box mattress delivered, if they just tried a new and clean one in the store," explains Jakob Leth, Category Manager for Mattresses.

Initially, the new packaging on box mattresses is coming out in Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Finland. But the concept will be expanded to all JYSK Nordic countries.

The colleagues in the purchasing department and the quality department are also collaborating with JYSK's suppliers to improve packaging on several other items.

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